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Started Divalproex (aka Depakote / Epival). Will let you know if it is working


I just started my first dose of divalproex (250mg in morning). So far it has made me a bit worse, but it is just day one. I will increase my dose to 500mg if I can tolerate the symptoms.


Day 2:

Again felt worse 30 minutes after taking it. Not my worse day by any stretch, but I wanted to lay low and stay home. Symptoms include pressure around ears, dizziness, sensitivity to stimuli and blurry vision.

Started to feel a bit better 5 or 6 hours later.

Very hesitant to continue as it means I will likely have to miss work if I take it.


It worked for me. I have to be careful about liver and kidneys though.


Good to hear VM1958.

On to day 3 and it still makes me feel worse. Not really comfortable leaving the house or doing much today too.

How did it make you feel for the first couple of days?


I am sorry, I could not respond earlier. It worked almost immediately. Everyone is different. The other one i was on was Topomax, but it also affected my kidneys. You have to drink a lot of water with these meds. Topomax was excellent.

I only take 125mg/day. The dose is 125/2X Day. I don’t know what your dose is. I am confident you will feel better on this, but in the unlikely event, you don’t, there are other options.

Take care,


Just wanted to let you know I have been on 250mgs of Depakote for 6 weeks now and I feel great! I too was on topamax before which worked great but I could sleep on it. I am getting similar results. It took about 3 weeks to start to see change for me. Good luck!


Thanks dizzydad,

Did you experience any negative side effects? I felt worse during the three days that I took it. I was not comfortable driving, talking on the phone, or even reading much. Just wanted to relax in my quiet home.

I stopped taking it and started to feel much better 5 days after taking it. I am very hesitant to take anything that causes me to stop working or doing household errands for an extending period of time.


Thanks, I will look into a lower dose.

It didn’t seem to be worth it. I took effexor about 6 months ago for about a week or so and it was brutal. This drug felt like a tamer version of effexor


No issues, but i have been on different preventatives for over a year so my symptoms are more calm now. Starting a new drug was easier for me. If depakote was my first preventative i know i would have a major issues for weeks until my body got used to it. that’s how it was for topamax and nortriplyne. Symptoms got worst before they got better.


cerebellar, you shouldn’t base your dose on anything but how YOU feel. Good luck and i hope yyou feel better.