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Spatial Disorientation


For 6 years now I have been dealing with “spatial disorientation”. I have found one Dr. That finally understood what I was describing. Am currently on venlafaxine which really helped with the symptoms. Anyone else have spatial issues. I am exhausted all the time, both mentally and physically in addition to a laundry list of other symptoms. Any insight would be appreciated as i have had a total of 7 normal days in 6 years.


Welcome to Mvertigo! While we’re all fellow patients and not doctors, you definitely sound like one of us. You’ll find Venlafaxine is a very popular drug on this forum.

Please spend time on our welcome wikis. You’ll find a wealth of information there. Then, poke around the posts.

We’re glad you’re here, happy to help and know exactly what you’re going thru.



Yes, indeed. Been there. Well still am to greater or lesser extent. It can be associated with MAV obviously. It is however closely linked to any eye misalignment condition. In both cases this is because something is interferring with your 3D vision. Mine is at its worst when the MAV is bad and balace under pressure. I did some supermarket shopping the other day, absolutely fine. Got home, unpacked the groceries and put some dry goods in the dresser in the corner, turned away from it and very nearly collided with the mantel shelf. I quite regularly manage to step on my husband’s foot, or even the feathers of the dog’s tail, misjudging the distance as I walk by. Yet pre-chronic MAV I’m an Outdoor Events Photographer working at speed capturing horses running, tennis balls in the air, at distance, anything that moves more or less, with a variety of lens and I couldn’t remember the last time I failed to capture the entire scene. I could frame up 100% 400-500 hundred times an event, without the need to crop, no trouble. I haven’t attend an event using a camera for four years now. I still need a good day to be able to take a few stills outside at home. Most of the time outside I need both eyes to balance rather than using them looking through a lens. Same applies to binoculars. Not really sure how this helps you but it proves you are not alone. Helen