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SOME SITE NEWS: We have moved! (to Paris!)


@turnitaround It’s awesome that you’ve stepped up to keep this place going, as a newbie to the site and MAV, this place is a gold-mine of a resource for me!

One question regarding the site migration: Do you plan to have https / SSL functioning again? I’ve noticed the default logins happen over http / insecurely, and that the https site doesn’t work anymore.



Hey @matt99 , yes, it’s good you raise that - I was planning to switch to https (with Letsencrypt) but haven’t checked to see if both the Facebook & Google logins will remain working. I will try and delve into that this week. I also run another discourse site and that is encrypted.

EDIT: OK going to expedite … site going down temporarily …

DONE: HTTPS added, thanks again for the reminder

Sorry if I kicked anyone off there … important update

EDIT#2: I’m aware it’s broken emoticons & some image uploads …

EDIT#3: Resolved with a script.



On mobile, this is how it looks like.

Can we fix this?


that’s odd, anyone else have an issue on mobile? On my iPhone its fine.

Try killing the browser and re-loading?

Could you try with different browser on same mobile? e.g. Firefox?


I guess the issue is with safari. Firefox works just fine.


Oh, safari - try rebooting, killing safari, etc.

Working on my iPhone 7. Which model do you have?


I have iphone 7 plus.


Good taste :wink:

Most odd … it can’t be the custom header as that shouldn’t show on mobile version of the site. I’ve had someone test on Android and that was ok too …

Does anyone else have an iPhone Plus?

EDIT: just checked with a friend who has an iPhone 6 Plus and it renders ok …


I just deleted browsing history with cookies and that seemed to do the trick.


Ah great. Thanks for working that out.


FYI I have now set up automated daily off-site back-ups so if anything goes really wrong we lose maximum one day’s worth of forum activity.


Anna, I’ve re-uploaded that file on the original post - new link should now work, please confirm

Post was here:

If there are any other files people are really dying to see restored let me know. Please give them to me in a priority order as I will deal with them on an ad hoc basis, most crucial first when I have a spare moment.


Yes, it works! Thank you!


James, I am not very computer savy. If I post a reply to some members can everyone see it or do I have to reply each person? Could you please let me know?
Thank you


Everyone sees your replies.


Thanks for the reply. Good, I don’t have to annoy everyone!


Great job! ! !


Yes, Gracy, they can see your replies.

If I can suggest you use one detailed post with your suggestion (I see you have opened a thread already, i’ve linked below). Most active members will read it anyway so you will get the message out. You don’t need to cut & paste the same text to every thread :slight_smile:. You can link your detailed thread using the chain icon on the post you want people to be referred to. This will present the URL of that post which you can copy and then can paste that link in a more brief reply without then having to repeat the same information, like this:

Also, if one replies to too many posts with near identical text, especially if it’s in quick succession, it can come across as spamming and will turn people off from one’s idea and I don’t want that to happen. I want our opinions to be heard - its very important we all have our say and people are then able to make up their own minds based on all the available information and can raise this stuff with their care provider.

Note you can also use the pencil icon to edit an existing post (if you’ve made an error or want to add additional information), so you don’t need to post twice in a row.

Just some gentle suggestions - your contribution is hugely appreciated!


Thanks Gracy, my pleasure!


Visual ‘Themes’ for the forum

These change the way the forum looks.

I’ve added an optional theme ‘Material Design’ you can select either:

  • From the ‘hamburger’ menu (the three horizontal lines) at the top right in the middle (quickest method)
  • From user Preferences under Interface (Remember to hit ‘Save’)

It makes things pop a little more.

(beware this theme moves and changes the ‘new topic’ button on desktop/tablet)

Let me know if you think I should make this the default ‘look’. Maybe should load a few and have a poll :slight_smile:

Can’t promise I won’t load more options :wink:

Would anyone like to see a Dark Theme (predominantly white text on a black background) or one with a larger font? I wonder if that would make it easier to read for some?

Let me know what you think.