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SOME SITE NEWS: We have moved! (to Paris!)



You may or may not know this but I’ve become the custodian and technical manager of this site.

Adam is moving on and about to start a very busy job so he needed someone to keep the site going who had a little more time, but just as much passion to see the site remain running.

I had the right profile, being both a passionate supporter, avid contributor of the site and had the technical skills & resources to take it on so this was quickly agreed. I have also built and manage another discourse site for my local community and am a huge fan of the software on which it is based.

Now, of course, we could have simply shut down the site and encouraged everyone to adopt one of the FB groups, but of course not everyone is comfortable with discussing their health on FB and others prefer this site’s anonymity. It also represents an unprecedented huge repository of advice and personal experience that is clearly invaluable to new sufferers and the experienced alike. All in all we were keen to keep this site going.


As part of the transition I’m going to move the site to my preferred hosting solutions. This will help me leverage my skills and minimise costs.

I’ve already built the new server and within the next few days I should, touch wood, be updating the domain to point to the new server, in Paris!

If all goes to plan, no data will be lost and downtime will be minimal. I will in any case take steps to ensure the site is rebuildable over and over so if anything goes wrong, nothing is lost.

Logins should remain the same and hopefully mail delivery will not change, but please check your spam folder if you are concerned you are not receiving site notifications.

The site will be set as Read Only during the transition, and hopefully that will be for as little time as possible (you might even be asleep!) Please forgive me for any hiccups, but hopefully things will go smoothly.

I know how important this site is to everyone and I intend to look after her.

I will continue to run it much as it was and it will remain a place for open and free discussion. I’ve been hugely impressed with the positivity, kindness & civility displayed here and the crowd is great, so I don’t see much challenge on the moderation front.

I wish to thank @adam and @scott for founding this amazing place (which I feel it’s not too dramatic to say has probably even saved lives!) and I wish Adam well in his future career and for entrusting me with their baby: It really is an honour.

I will be taking on the cost of running the site, personally. Initially I will not require contribution but perhaps we can work out in the future some way of sharing the cost if people want to support me. And to that end I will not rule out mild monetisation of some kind, e.g. ads, at some stage, but for now it’s unnecessary.

See you on the other side (but feel free to continue to use the site even in Read Only),

Happy Holidays,




This is so exciting! I’ve never been to Paris! :slight_smile:

James, a HUGE thank you for assuming this role. If you do ever need some donations, just ask. I am confident that the users will chip in.

To @scott and @adam, thank you so much for founding and maintaining this site for so many years. I’ve been a moderator on other forums and it’s not an easy job.

THANK YOU again to the three of you!!!



Thanks for taking this up and devoting time and money. Happy to chip in and help crowd fund.


Thanks James! I’ve learned so much from this site and would hate to see it go.


Thanks, James for your commitment.


Thanks James for your dedication . This is such a wonderful support group. Good luck!


Thanks everyone. Things have been held up a little due to some fiddly bits with the Google and FB logons … and of course new years and holiday events! Hope to be able to complete the migration soon.


All been said - but thank you to you, Scott and Adam for keeping this site open. Apart from not liking discussing my life on FB - I find those pages just too much to try and read!!! I love this format where I can choose what to read, relevant to my interest/case. Thank you, and good luck with the transition, James!


Yeah Discourse is so cool :sunglasses:


Guys, migration should be complete (fingers crossed!) - new web server and new mail server.

Let me know if you have any problems!

You will know you are on the new site if you see a new logo (hope you like it!)

We will be keeping the old server up for a while whilst the new one beds in, just in case.

Many thanks for @adam 's help




Love the logo!


Superb logo


You are a life saver James! The front page wallpaper is fantastic!


James, any idea why so many of the old document links don’t work?

For example, if you go to this discussion thread:

And try to open this document:

You’ll get this error:
Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

This happens for a lot of PDF documents that are linked in old threads.



Ah. I copied over the forum but it may have left the uploaded PDFs behind. Let me see what can be done. Thanks for pointing out.


They weren’t working on the “old” forum, either…


Aha! Which means the files were probably not on the last server in the first place … the forum has had a number of homes in its life and was not originally based on the Discourse engine, maybe some of the links were broken when it was ported to Discourse - we might have to see if we can source the originals again and re-upload them … in priority order


That would explain it, as it seems to be the older files. Maybe Adam saved copies of them on his local hard drive.


I’ve raised with him … hopefully he’ll respond on the matter.