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So I'll have vm forever?


Also how big is stress with vm. Im always stressed. I have a very difficult home life and i dont know a life without stress. Also i cant seperate anxiety dizzy to vm. I get dizzy i panic a hard cycle to break.


Anyone of us will tell you, stress plays a big role in kicking symptoms up, my VM started after a very stressful time for me(didnt need to be I just tried to do too much) , there was a bit of ear trauma in there too, so it was probably a combo of both. I had things under control for probably 5 or 6 months and then a few weeks ago tried to go back to my old job. The stress from that plus the environment set me pretty far back recovery wise. I notice especially now that Iā€™m super sensitive again, that the more stressed out I am the worse things are on a daily basis


20 yrs well im at 10. Withing that 10has been filled with stress. I wosh inknew how to heal.aside from meds.


I heard magnesium helps? This true


Try it and find out? Helen


Helen i would likento ask you with vm is it something we will have forever or is it periods of ok then not ok. Its so confusing to me. Yesterday i had the most excruciating ear pain and had heat on them for hrs the cold i cant take it. I need to know how to get better why did i relapse why have i had it for so long you know. I also get heart flutters did you get any of those. I dont know of im eating enough, i feel.weak, i dont know what to eat i have food fear im just so so lost and afraid.


I can tell from the way you write that you are extremely anxious about everything and I would suggest that you need to visit your own doctor as soon as you can arrange to do so and discuss all your health anxieties with him/her and be prepared to follow his advice on treatment which may include being prepared to take medication for both your health anxiety and the MAV if he/she thinks it is necessary. Iā€™m sure there are much better times ahead for you once you have achieved some control over this overwhelming anxiety. Helen

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