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So I'll have vm forever?


Can attacks last weeks? What to do during 1 i never know! How to heal from 1?


Not in my experience. They can last hours though (up to 14?). In my experience and from what I’ve observed on this forum about 2-3 weeks to get back to baseline after an attack is common.


No one has what i have vertigo in sleep night after night. But vm can be years of daily dizziness yes?


I had that every night for over 2 years. It then went. It’s a very common symptom.

If you have fewer symptoms, then feel lucky :).


You had vertigo in your sleep night after night? Omg really like me? Felt better with eyes open?? Me 10 yrs of it. Ill take it any day over an attack as messed up as that sounds.


Trust me i had 2 yrs of complete hell amd torture and i fear it coming back of attacks become more frequent


Yes. Most Probably. Meds are called ‘preventatives’ because they ‘prevent’ (alot/most
symptoms most of the time. They are not a cure. So far there is no known cure. Maybe one day. Helen


I would like to challenge that one. Meds don’t suppress my dizziness as far as I can tell, they help reduce my migraines, help me sleep and keep my anxiety at bay so that my body can actually work on healing. I avoided meds for a long time - in hindsight I wish I would have started taking them at the very onset of illness.


Agreed. MAV is like a brain trauma. Meds help heal the brain and allow the central nervous system to recover.


Hello, @An4749. I don’t believe you’ve told us where you live (country and city), which might help us point you toward some resources in your area. Dr. Hain (in Chicago, Illinois, USA) has a great website with a lot of information ( One particularly valuable item is his flowchart that shows his thought process when considering drug treatment for VM.

Here are two places you can find it. This link is to a page on his website; the flowchart is near the bottom of the page just above the footnotes:
Migraine associated vertigo -- Vestibular Migraine

This link goes straight to his PDF version of the flowchart:

If I’m reading your posts correctly, you’ve seen a lot of doctors and had a lot of tests but it doesn’t sound like you’ve tried any medications yet. Not everyone experiences bad side effects; every person is different. Drugs help many of us (I’m going to go take some ibuprofen right now for my sore back!) and it’s likely that if you can find the right drug, it can work for you.

I believe you also asked, perhaps in another thread, about MRIs. The only reason they do an MRI is to rule out something like a brain tumor. Beyond that, the MRI doesn’t provide much information about why someone is dizzy. If you’ve already had an MRI then another one won’t be of much value. There are many other vestibular tests that might be of value (VNG, CDP, ABR, ECoG, VEMP, hearing test) if you haven’t already had those.


Hipe do we do it naturally


Done them on several times and in sept did 4 hrs woth at a balance clinic. Im from Australia also.


I slept last night no dizziness after a week of hell! I guess i ask id i have done all the tests is it just a matter or accepting this vm and living with it. Of it comes back it does? No real cure as such???


Emily …
That quote is exactly what this illness is


I never found a way without meds. I’m as natural and hippy as they come. But no matter how careful I was with diet, hydration, exercise, sleep hygiene, balancing electrolytes, and mindfulness, I simply couldn’t get better until I suffered thru a few med trials. Effexor was the key for me to make all my other measures work. In the end stubborn resistance to meds wasn’t worth the living hell of untreated MAV.


Without meds have tou ever had a symotom free period if so how long


I’ve had MAV in varying degrees for 20+ years. Some periods were more or less symptom free, but not without meds in the last couple of years. It used to be a strict ketogenic diet could get me there. MAV went chronic and acute in September 2017. Since then I have needed to have meds. I can say my life is just fine. I work. I play. I’m careful with my diet, exercise, etc. MAV is more or less a nuisance now rather than a disability.


For what it’s worth, have you tried something like melatonin in the meantime to help you get to sleep? No it wont help the dizziness when you are sleeping, but maybe it can help you get into REM state and sleep through most of it?


The cycle broke last night and hope the episode is over. I wake up always feeling dizzy like faint and gives me horrific anxiety as i have a fear of fainting. Is that more anxiety of vm?