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So I'll have vm forever?


So we have to live with vm forever?


No way i am living with this crap my entire life

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Mine are not severe as i am over medicated


Any idea of what a cure is?


There is no cure. Meds are just suppressants w. What happens when u get off them? How can i stop the vertigo im on day 9 in my sleep every night. Ita terryfying


There may be no identified single cure that solves everyone’s condition, but some people recover. Some spontaneously: I am no longer on meds and no longer have vertigo nor dizziness. My hearing has improved. Very occasionally I get a slight relapse, but it’s minimal compared to the way I once was.

I know an amateur boxer who has recovered fully too and a woman who got these symptoms from diving into water - she has recovered.

Another lady who turned out to have a cholesteatoma that was driving her MAV also recovered.

Other board members who’ve recovered include liv85, beatles909, suki530 (spontaneously)

There are probably plenty more who are more quiet and leave the site and never return once they start to feel better (obviously that is a bit annoying, they should come here and shout about it!)

It comes down to what is driving your MAV I suspect. If it’s one-off trauma you are likely to recover. If you can identify the driver and resolve it you will likely recover. If it is something idiopathic then you may be forced to learn to live with it using all means at your disposal (including the massive knowledge on this site). But you may be pleasantly surprised: you might not have identified the cause, but you may recover in any case.

Whatever the case, it’s clear recovery takes many years. It’s probably unlike most health conditions most people ever come across in earlier life.


You’ve been reading my thoughts again. In total agreement. I;ve always thougt the one iff trauma MAVers had best chance of both quicker and fuller recovery, In my case unfortunately I’m an idiopathic case and stuck with it although there’s always hope one day MAV and my hormones might just reach some sort of lasting truce. Meanwhile it’s a question of learning to live with it rather than suffer from it and to do that may I add a couple of words to your Oh So True Statement



I have daily stress. 8ve dealth woth this dozziness in my sleep for 10 uears. I had an attack in 2015 got comolwtr agoraphobia and panic disorder. I recovered after 2 yes. 2016 till sept 2018 i was.well and as of last week im on day 6 pf dozziness in my sleep. Are.meds just a suppressant? I had no trauma, you think i can heal? Do you avoid foods take vitamins etc? I just can’t take much mor of this


Why are you so bog on meds. Have you ever been Im scared to take them


If it’s idiopathic, you can still do something. Diet and e.g. caffeine restriction can really help.

I had a slight relapse this week. The cause: a large pizza the night before, I’m sure of it. Light and early dinners may help you.

You must must must get your anxiety under control though - please see someone professional about treating that.

Medication may help you … most people end up on medication. Do not dismiss it until you see if it can turn things around for you. Beatles909 beat MAV largely without it though, and liv85 focussed on supplements.


hey, ive read some of your posts. I wont tell you my symptoms etc because there is no point. We all experience mav in different ways. I think you need to get med that can help you sleep, control your anxiety and help with vertigo. Take the meds, nothing bad is going to happen. And trust your doctors.


Indo 3 yrs of it doesnt help the fear. You said you were cured but replaped becausenof a pizza… thats what i mean what do i eat … living in fear of an attack??


Ive read ppl reactions amd many ppl say ot made them worse!


How long doni take it. Will it just suppress symptoms


read the positive stories on this website, almost everyone took meds. Stop googling things and going to so
many doctors. Also understand that this takes a lot of time to heal.

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Why fear an attack? It doesn’t kill you, it’s just a sensation. Try to look at it in a different way. It’s blumin’ annoying and disruptive and uncomfortable but its not going to hurt you longer term. My balance is perfect now, perfect. Try all the tricks and tips on here and work out what works for you. Take the fight to MAV rather than let it beat you!

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who knows what meds do, but they work. You can take them for months or years, either way is ok.


Pls help me. Ill do whatever it takes . Ive read so much ive confused myself.


Start by reading Welcome to mvertigo! and all the linked pages, and also the Vestibular Migraine Survival Guide 2014


Ivs done 10 yea ic reading. Im sorry so sorry . :disappointed_relieved: did you have an mri? I just want a 0lan as such im.alone in this. I feel nondorrction and want someone to reassure me ive done all the right tests. I fear travel all because i want to feel like you but you have relapes to sp you cant be healed yes?