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So frustrated with VRT and Chiropractor


So frustrated right now! For the last month I have been recovering so well getting up to close to 80% to my normal self. During vestibular therapy this week my therapist had a chiropractor look at my neck because I have cervicogenic dizzinesses. After working on my neck for less then a minute I was set off into the worst migraine I have had in over 3 months and I am still down and out after 3 days. I have extreme brain fog, vertigo, jumpy vision, extreme nausea and I can’t sleep. I’m so upset after seeing so much progress I feel like I’m back to square one. I feel lost and depressed again I just hope and pray I start to feel better soon but I feel like there is no end in site I am so sick of this shit! You see progress for so long, you do all the right things, you follow the rules and then you get hit like a ton of bricks. So sorry for bitching I just needed a place to vent.


Sounds like you need to tell these guys leave my neck alone please…the body tries to heal itself and them trying to flex an already dodgy neck sounds rediculous to me. rest your neck and back as much as you can…that is where the signals are coming from to make your cup overflow. take it easy and no problem with venting were all on the same journey…paul…


Have to agree with Paul … although I pretty much know where my dizziness is coming from (my left ear which I injured) my neurologist told me ABSOLUTELY NOT to visit a chiropractor!

Also, VRT is only helpful if your ‘lesion’ is stable. But you see if your ‘lesion’ is stable the brain would quickly adapt anyway (thus I don’t believe VRT is of much help).

It might have been the VRT that could have set off your migraine … I’ve only needed VRT to get an attack before.

I gave up on VRT, have never seen a chiropractor and I’ve been doing ok. I did have a terribly stiff neck until I started taking Amitriptyline which reduced the eye dependence and solved that problem.

Hope your relapse resolves soon (it will!)

Dizzydad, have you had a second opinion, do you have any ear symptoms like tinnitus, feeling of pressure?



I have no ear symptoms and passed my vestibular testing. I don’t have tinnitus just head pressure and brain fog. I hope I recovery quickly :slight_smile:


Well thats good. Yes I hope you recover very soon!


@ Dizzydad…I agree with Paul, give the neck and back as much rest as you can. I’m more and more inclined to think that a lot of all our problems comes from the upper spine - and the body needs rest to heal itself. Try a small pillow/cushion to support your neck when sitting or lying down…and/or under your knees if you lie on your back. You never know how a little different pressure/support might help release something that is pinched or irritated!
Sending good vibes that you soon feel better.


So sorry for your setback - that’s infuriating! I think it’s especially frustrating when you were right on the cusp of feeling great - you could see the light - and then - bam! You got the rug pulled out from beneath you again! Rrgghh! Hang in there - you’ll get back to the 80% again - we’ve got to keep the faith and keep moving forward just hoping today is a bit less dizzy than yesterday. Good luck!!


Saw my doctor today and explained my chiropractor indecent and how it took 11 days to recover and now i have been referred to a neck specialist because he believes their is damage to my neck from the original concussion i sustained back in September. So hopefully their is hope to better understand what is really causing my vertigo migraines.