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Sinus and migraine


Migraine misdiagnosis as a sinusitis, a delay that can last for many years. This is by Dr.Peter J Goadsby who spoke at the migraine summit in 2018.


That particular mis-diagnosis only delayed my correct MAV diagnosis for two years. Lucky me.

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An interesting study for sure.

My concerns:

  • Does not discuss any relationship with MAV
  • Fails to recognise, discuss or acknowledge the impact some of the so-called ‘migraine prophylaxis’ drugs might have on mucus production and how that might directly (and positively?) affect the condition of the sinuses regardless of the migraine element.

Yes…that happened to me…my GP didnt have a clue!!! Antibiotics chucked at me. Now i know better!!!


I was told half a dozen times I had a virus!