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Seeking Balance/Rock-Steady Program


Yes I do agree I’m certainly not going to pay to find out :grimacing:


Enjoyable video especially in that she is so positive. As it is such an individual experience the cause may be difficult to discover. For me it arrives with menopause at 49. I’m sure stress is also implicated. Am withholding taking meds for now and completing a migraine diary but will take them if they help to get over the initial hurdle of recovery. Thanks for posting.


Anytime Claire glad it could be of some help sometimes it’s just nice to watch something positive :slight_smile:


Merged these all together because they seem to be talking about the same thing …


hey, i have watched a lot of her videos, she also gives scholarships. what she teaches is to stop worrying and having a bad attitude about your condition, to let your body feel and to think on steadiness as a way to promote the wrong signals to keep firing and new neuropathways to develop. How that happens, not sure, I am still trying. I like her a lot though, because she makes you focus on your life plans, what makes you happy and in a way, ignore your symptoms. She says they eventually calm down and stop ruling your life and even if they come back, you dont worry about them as much.


hi again, I just want to share with you that I applied for a scholarship for the rock steady program and I got it. So although this seems a big $ investment, the fact that scholarships are available speaks to this. I think this is not a magic bullet, but there are a lot of resources to get through crisis or moments where we are out of it with this condition. Joey talks a lot about neuroplasticity and I had not yet understood what she meant by it, but I am reading this book, “The brain’s way of healing”, which has somewhat clarify this for me.
Basically, it seems that as our brain fires a wrong signal, let’s say, rocking, we get into fight or flight mode, and as we keep worrying about it, we keep feeding the sensation, and we don’t let our brain figure this out. Then the brain takes over different neuropathways with the wrong signal, and the more we avoid things, the more this sensations gets settled. Anyway… I am trying to think how to develop new neuropathways. I recommend the book and her videos to settle down. This goes with my comment to @Heatherrr of not giving up your job if you love it.

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Thanks for the book recommendation, let us know how you get on with the course!


I’ve seen references to that book elsewhere, now I’m going to need to get it.

I can totally believe this because sometimes I feel like I can adjust the balance of signals by just practicing in front of a mirror for a while or doing some Tai Chi. Its like turning down the volume of the rocking signal (which is just normal vestibular function I think) and turning up the proprioception and visual. I think PT is helping me regain some proprioception as well.
Repetition of the “correct” neural pathways and relaxation are definitely major components. Impossible for me while sitting at a desk and working at a stressful job…


Congratulations on the scholarship. I saw that and was tempted. Please let us know how it works out for you because i would be willing to pay for it as long as it gets rid of my symptoms. Im also going to get the book you recommended.


@SolarVivi she does not guarantee that you will get rid of the symptoms but that you will rather turn them down, as @ander454 is saying. I think it can be done, same as how they fire up when stressed or anxious. Maybe you can start with the free kit? I started there and then I applied for scholarship.


@ander454 totally, that is why you need to do as much as normal activities as possible… there is one simple exercise which is sitting down back unsupported with eyes closed for 5 - 15 min and look for the steadiness sensation. I also danced today in front of my mirror and did not get dizzy at all! maybe working in front of a computer is not normal though! Because, same here, I can’t generate any new steadiness neuropathways while having a million things to do at work. But at least now I am able to tone it down at home at night, which I could usually not do before.


Thats great too. If my symptoms lessened. Just want to go back to work and drive. Im very off balance and wobbly. Ill start with the free kit and ill try sitting with my eyes closed, thanks again.


are you taking any meds?


That’s exactly what I was noticing. If I move in front of a mirror the rocking is gone but sometimes I can get a little motion sickness or achy feelings behind my eyes. Was thinking to put mirrors at my work desk that I could glance at from time to time, but that starts getting a bit weird in the workplace. Although I already look weird with glasses/hat and f.lux-tinted orange screen.:grinning:


it is all very crazy, i used to get very rock also playing with my son, but i dont anymore so i guess brain is recalibrating activity by activity


No im not taking anything. The ent said have VN and vng said i have left unilateral vestibular dysfunction. Though im seeing a neuro otologist in oct. to confirm if its VN or VM, or probably both. Just managing with diet, supplements, cbd oil, vrt. My issue now is the off balance wobbly feeling, visual snow, after images, all that migraine aura stuff. If the program can help me with these symptoms it’ll be great.


And the Effexor is busily working away in the background to mask the symptoms whilst the hypersensitivity receeds. You’ll have to explain ‘the scholarship’ to me pls. Must be something about the ‘common language that divides us’ but scholarships, in my world, are always preceeded by the word ‘free’, all expenses paid. I’ve not looked into this program. If it’s costing money, I do hope everybody benefits greatly from it because the idea of brain neuroplasticity isn’t new. It’s what VRT is based on. @turnitaround I believe recently posted a link to an article showing how quickly brains adapt to inverted images produced by special glasses. I am always concerned about people taking unfair financial advantage of people with chronic long-term conditions such as MAV. I would hate to see people being deceived. Or even worse becoming depressed at what they were missing out on if they couldn’t afford to participate. Helen



Good idea. I wouldn’t imagine many people are going to be lucky enough to get better without some medication, not once they have much by way of constant symptoms.

I really cannot imagine any program that will get rid of visual snow, after images or migraine aura somehow. Call me sceptical. If somebody proves me wrong, I’d be delighted, and they have certainly made a great scientific breakthrough and deserve to be multi-millionaires straight off. Helen


Thanks so much for this @dizzy3 I’m def gonna check the book out :slight_smile: I have been in therapy for 3 months now and her approach is similar and it has helped so much


Hi Dizzy3,
I am about to book a private session with her but the Rock Steady program is Soo expensive. Would you mind if I ask if it’s helping? I like her concepts and actually am VERY well versed in all things dizziness as I’ve been all over to the “best” doctors and have tried their medications that made me much much much worse. So, I’m going to try an acceptance approach as best I can. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!