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Rotary vertigo


Hello everyone! Since I’ve started my supplement regimen a month ago, I’ve not had a single migraine, until last Tuesday. I went to the gym and hurt my shoulder, was barely able to move it. I got a massage that loosened it up. The next day I noticed I was significantly dizzier. I got up to get some water and got hit with the most excruciating spinning I think I’ve ever had. It’s like I’m having panic attacks every time I get up. My heart races, I start sweating, I can’t breathe, my stomach drops and my world spins. My head feels like it’s in a pressurized blender. The spinning stops about a minute after I sit down. My doctor will not help me until I go get a vng done, it’s scheduled for Thursday. I’m not supposed to take any vestibular suppressants 48 hours before the test. If there’s anyone out there that has any tips on how to reduce the little panic attacks, please help me. I’ve been on my couch for about a week in pain.


Breathe. It will pass. You will get better. Breathe.


Definitely trying @flutters. Just got a call this morning that I won’t be able to do the test until next week. I honestly just want to cry.


well take the vestibular suppressants while you wait for your vng (48 hours before stop). You will be fine, tell that to yourself. Try tapping, there is an app
to do tapping to calm down your thoughts.


@Dizzyexplorer, have you had the VNG done before or is this your first? Do you have any suppressants at all? Ive never taken any prescribed suppressants, I have however found that Hylands Motion Sickness tablets helped me during my worst dizzy days. I’m so sorry for this set back… the way you describe the attacks… I swear I can hyperventilate thinking about it :disappointed:

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Has anyone tried Valerian root to ease the tension and spins?


Thanks everyone. I’m trying a few different things. Hopefully something will work soon.


@Naejohn. Unfortunately i have been battling this all my life. This is one of the worst episodes. I had a vng done two years ago. And it sucked.

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Your whole life? I cannot imagine. I’m sorry.
I have had the VNG and cried for 4 days leading up to it, called the Dr and begged to get treatment without the test… nope, had to do it. I do hope it may hold some answers for you though.


It does ease tension, worth a shot. I’ve never had spins, but Valerian did help me calm down a bit. +1 for breathing and +1 for vestibular suppressant too.


ive tried valerian, it helps, where are you? cbd is a great option too, love it. Kava also works.


They’ve postponed my vng until next week unfortunately. Last time I had it done my symptoms weren’t so bad. I may cry this time though. @Naejohn I’m 25 this year, I remember my first attack when I was about 7 in a grocery store parking lot. I didn’t get diagnosed with MAV until maybe a year ago. Wrong diagnosis = wrong treatment

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I’m in Las Vegas, NV. How long did the valerian take to work?


Does this only happen when you stand up? Was the last VNG normal?


I’d not wish this on my least favorite person in the world. Which vestibular suppressant helps guys? I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a GP, any recommendations would really help! When stuck in bed, anyone else get knots in their calves? Every time I walk I’m on the verge of tears.


Meclizine. And although it says non drowsy, I sleep like a baby on it.

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Mostly when I start moving. Earlier my friend tried the epley maneuver on me, the moment I layed back the spins started. Then I tried repositioning in bed and I got hit with another attack. Also, last test came out fine. It said I had upbeat nystagmus.


I’ve got meclizine, it doesn’t seem to do the trick to break the “spin cycle”. Anything stronger?


Sounds awful!! Any hearing symptoms?


Ativan but need rx.

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