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Rocking when lying flat in bed


Hi all, I know most all of us has “rocking” feeling… but specifically when I lay flat in bed I have it more so than even standing. I can rock (what feels like) top to bottom, side to side, even in and out, up and down you name it! Such a bizarre feeling!


i have the rocking mostly sitting (like in front of the computer or dining table), and laying down flat. I barely feel it otherwise now, but working for me
is still a little struggle. It is bizarre indeed!


Hey Reneè! Same hun! Dont have it stood up or sat! Its when Im in bed I can literally feel like I’m being voilently pushed side to side!! :worried: up and down, falling through the bed etc… MAV eh?!


Yep, I’m convinced this is due to increased head pressure from lying down.

I’m like @dizzy3 though, most of my rocking came sitting down. Lying down became full on vertigo in some positions.

It’s all vanished now though, although occasionally its like I remember the sensation so I feel a very very slight memory of it when sitting, very odd!!


I get the rocking lying and sitting when I’m moving I don’t feel it as much it’s sometimes instense or subtle but never gone ! I sometimes rocky my legs to trick my brain and it kinda helps :grimacing:


My dizziness increases when lying flat. I prop myself up slightly on a tower of pillows and it helps me. When i had to lay flat for my mri scan i felt awful. Sometimes i notice that if i sit up briefly after being lay down, it reduces my dizziness, i lay down again and it doesn’t increase, as if my head position was worsening it or compressing blood vessels or something. Other times, moving or sitting up doesn’t help at all or makes the dizziness worse. I never know what to do, because sometimes the very thing i do that gives me a little relief, other times makes me feel worse. It’s a stupid condition.


Hi, is this ‘Rocking’ a new/recent sensation or have you always had it, or just since MAV started? Helen


Hi everyone, This has only been since MAV went chronic for me. Early on (the first few months) after the vertigo began, I would get vertigo when lying down… I would “ride it out” and lay stiff as a board to not cause any movement of my head. I had a wedge pillow and 2 additional bed pillows and even wore a neck pillow around my head to keep me from moving! I still use a wedge pillow and 1 bed pillow but no neck pillow since I have not have the “vertigo” spells in bed since December. The rocking however is there still but getting better over time and not so much that it causes me to freak out like vertigo does. :roll_eyes: I do have rocking when sitting in a dining room chair (no arms on the chair especially difficult) and my office chair. My husband teases that I am like a Mexican Jumping Bean… always moving to distract my brain I suppose. :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the clarification. Timing would make it a MAV symptom rather than MdDS kicking in after your recent trip I suppose. Just another symptom there’s a reduction in vestibular function with the difficulty balancing on a dining room chair without arms (a ‘favourite of mine that one) being another, i was surprised to find that the latter can actually become a learned response. I only discovered that attending Alexander Technique lessons years back. First thing they do is sit you on an upright chair without arms or headrest out in middle of the room for an hour lesson. At the end of my first session I expressed surprise that I’d been able to comply as I’d been unable to sit on my own dining chairs at home for several years at that point. The reply was ‘Different chair. You have no previous association with this chair’. Helen


I think it’s a phase thing. And a good sign imho.

I started out getting vertigo when lying down, then it morphed into rocking when sitting down. Now I, touch wood :deciduous_tree: , get neither. It’s probably a sign things are moving and hopefully improving! :sunglasses: (although it never feels like that at the time).


I have the rocking sensation every night when i am going to bed. It’s more intense when I turn off the lights and close my eyes but almost normal during the day when i am doing stuff on my phone lying down which is weird.


oh! sometimes I have to think if I am rocking or I am only remembering the rocking. From what I’ve read about neuroplasticity and the brain, you have to let some neuro-pathways “die” or move to the back of the mind. It makes sense to me that when you focus on the symptom you feel it more intensively. Same happens with the vibrating sight I think. I hope mines find the harbor soon and I can get of the boat, or that my lake dries out so I stop feeling it! Or at least that it stops when I am working. Ok, I am grateful for where I am right now :).


I definitely notice more rocking when I have had a busy day. If I am relaxed and can read a book for a bit before heading off to sleep I notice it less. Strange thing this brain of ours!


In that case it’s probably because you’ve overtired your balance system and the rocking is some sort of halfway house between vertigo and your usual state on lying dosn less tired. The meds lose a bit of control because if the tiredness but don’t drop out completely. Quite different from people who rock all the time instead of having 24/7 rotary vertigo/dizziness. I had something similar going from 24/7 dizziness to 24/7 steady. First the steadiness was intermittent, just a few hours, then sometimes I’d be sort of rolling back and fro sliding on my knees it seemed. Just a stage in balance settling. Helen


Interesting that you describe it as a stage, then it can be seen as improvement :slight_smile:
I rock 24/7, but not in bed! Only occasionally, in the evening, with the lights out and when I’m tired, then I feel slightly nauseous with it. I now make sure there’s some light coming in so I have a visual anchor.
I do rock standing up and sitting, I hate the sensation :frowning:


Indeed, one of the uglier symptoms to be sure! I rock all of the time as well, but when I stay up and active it’s not as noticeable anymore. When I sit down for the evening and lay down it becomes more pronounced. Today has been an extra “rocky” day but have to take the good ones and the bad ones in hopes for better tomorrows :grinning:


I’d imagine it’s a stage when it’s replaced vertigo, on lying down but it can be the main manifestation of MAV for some people. Their main manifestation. Rather than being 24/7 dizzy and feeling they are going around and around, they ‘rock’ instead. Generalisations are dangerous but quite often it seems ‘rockers’ don’t/very rarely experience true rotary vertigo. I guess that might mean underneath they have better vestibular systems but I’ve no proof of that. Just a guess on my part. Helen


Past couple days / this past week/weekend I had the rocking feeling in bed and also sinking feeling too if I was laying flat flat instead of a bit upright. (I felt like I was pushed 2 feet to the right while laying in bed earlier this past week) Definitely a lot of rapid pressure changes and snow in/out of the New England area.

I’ll have it very rarely tho but it’s also been effecting me when I’m sitting down on my couch.