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Rescue med to dampen push-pull feeling


Okay, will keep this in mind, thanks. Will start with aspirin though… as it’s safer than diclofenac.


Diazepam/Valium is the only drug I have found to help during an attack and to help stave off an attack I feel is coming. I always carry some (in a contact lense case under cotton) with me religiously. I also carry Zofran which will dissolve under your tongue and helps stop you from vomiting which would keep you from keeping the Valium down.

I haven’t had an attack for a year and a half which I credit to a lower salt diet and Triampterine/hctz which is a Diuretic often used for people with MD symptoms. But I still often feel an attack is immenent and taking Valium and drinking more water while relaxing has worked.

I follow your thoughts on the forum and agree with you in most topics. Another engineer, i am often not happy with the way doctors treat these conditions. I’m pretty sure something is broken and it makes every day bad but the attacks are horrendous and I my steady state is always worse after an attack. So I try to avoid attacks at all cost.


Yeah, as an engineer too I find the explanations very wishy-washy. In their defence it is quite clear that the technology hasn’t got to a point yet where they can provide clear answers to many things. Quite astonishing given the progress with so many other disciplines!

Very glad you’ve been avoiding attacks so long, good for you, and thanks for your suggestion!


Ativan works great for me when I flare up. I take 0.5 mg too. For ladies, Prometrium (natural progesterone) works like a benzo. It has the same calming anti anxiety effect that takes care of the flare.

Last thing… a good old glass of wine if the flare starts at night. Wine is amazing, one of the best I would say. The flare just stops.


Now that’s interesting! Thanks!