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Rescue med to dampen push-pull feeling


Back when Xanax worked for me it’d last about 4 hours and would completely take the dizziness away. But definitely don’t take it frequently, I am the example of what can happen when the body builds a physiological dependence. :frowning:


I have a prescription for .5 mg but rarely take that much. I usually take half a pill, sometimes only a quarter of one, and I’m much better. My doctor will only give me so many at a time so it’s nice having a stronger prescription cause I can make it last longer. The anti-anxiety effects of it are nice too since attacks can be very anxiety provoking. Meclizine didn’t do anything for me. Surprising Sudafed helps me a little.


Also see my ativan/lorazepam post above


Awwww, sorry to hear that Jess, what does the neurologist say is the best way forward?


Does anyone know how to get Meclizine in the UK?


This is what I buy:

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Thanks Anna, that’s very helpful. Can I ask you a few questions?

  • Do you take it for it’s anti-nausea action?
  • How quickly does it act?
  • how long does that last?
  • What symptoms does it seem to diminish during this time?

Sorry for so many questions!



Do you take it for it’s anti-nausea action?
No, I just take it for dizziness. I’ve never had a problem with nausea when I’m dizzy. But I think it would probably help the nausea if it’s caused by motion/dizziness.

How quickly does it act?
I’d say within 30 minutes.

how long does that last?
Probably about four hours.

What symptoms does it seem to diminish during this time?

These tablets are 25mg. I can sometimes take just half a tablet and that is enough for me (I’m petite) but if I’m pretty dizzy I’ll go ahead and take the full 25mg.

It’s a very mild drug and I’ve never had any side effects.

The website says that for vertigo the dosage is up to 100 mg per day, in divided doses, which I would interpret as 25 mg four times per day. (I’ve never had to take it for that long of a period - usually after one or two doses my dizziness has subsided.)

The other thing about the particular Rugby product that I linked to is that they are cherry-flavored, chewable tablets. I carry a few in my purse and it has come in handy a couple of times when I felt like I needed to take one but didn’t have water available.


Thanks a lot! That answer is worthy of a wiki entry … which gives me an idea … :wink:


One more thing. You may recall that I took a list of questions from this forum to the new specialist that I saw a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t have time to ask very many of them but one that I did ask, just before he had to move on to his next patient, was:

“True or false: If meclizine helps alleviate dizziness
symptoms in a patient, then the dizziness is being
caused by the ear and not by migraine. In other
words, dizziness caused only by migraine will not
be helped by meclizine.”

He said, false; meclizine can help dizziness no matter the cause of the dizziness. He said, “It’s just like putting on a pair of sunglasses.” I interpreted this to mean that sunglasses help shield your eyes from bright light, no matter whether that light is coming from the sun or from another source, and by the same token, meclizine will help dizziness no matter what is causing the dizziness.


Btw Anna, did you respond to the the Big Med Poll? Because if you did you forgot to click Meclizine :wink: It’s looking a little unloved …


It is sold as dramamine in the usa…not sure if sane brand is there in UK


@turnitaround Thank you. I’ve known about it since before I joined this site. Basically the first neurologist I saw put me on Xanax after brief “trials” of other meds like I explained in my new thread a few days ago. Then he said not to come back unless I felt worse, so he wasn’t monitoring me on it or even thinking about getting me off of it (I’d like to know his plan for how to get me off of it!!) By the time I felt worse he moved to another state in the U.S. so I went to the Johns Hopkins Vestibular clinic to be evaluated (I was also looking for a new neurologist to follow me but I didn’t know that they didn’t continue to follow their patients,they send a report back to the primary care doctor or whomever I am seeing). They wanted me off the Prozac and Xanax the first neuro had me on and to start Amitriptyline. The idea was to get 50% down on the Xanax and then start Amitriptyline, I presume to make the last half of the taper “easier” with the Ami added in. However, my primary care doctor tried to taper me too fast and I had horrendous withdraw symptoms (from the Xanax, the Prozac was no problem to stop). They were like flu symptoms but WAYYYYY worse than any flu. I ended up going to a Psychiatrist who specializes in getting people off addictive meds, and he switched me to a longer acting benzo, Librium, but…Librium isn’t considered a vestibular suppressant like Xanax is. I got about 25% lower but the got worse dizziness, had to stop driving, and also developed sharp upper abdominal pain that lasted 6 weeks (I lost 25 pounds in one month during that!) that involved me getting an endoscopy because the GI doc I went to thought I had an ulcer. The endoscopy was completely normal other than some signs of gastritis. But the Psychiatrist realized I was getting so much worse and wanted me to get at least back to how I was when I came to him, so I returned to the original Xanax dose. But it didn’t work like it did for me before (I probably need more of it but am doing everything in my power not to take more) and hence I am getting worse and worse without another medication to help out.

So as of now there really is no immediate plan for me to get off of the Xanax. My psychiatrist, and myself for that matter, would like to wait until I’m A LOT better, functioning, driving, etc to try to taper off much more slowly. But…looking at your compensation post from a few days ago (and I did know about the compensation factor all along, but from my own research no doctor ever told me about it) I’m starting to wonder if I will get to be feeling as good as I want to when I have to attempt tapering off Xanax again. The thought of having to taper as dizzy as I am now is terrifying and I know it would be impossible, especially with the added anxiety of withdraw. I want to chime in on that compensation post at some point but my vision is blurred today and I’m reaching my computer limit.

Oh, and I’m only on 0.5 mg of Xanax 2x/day, which is relatively low and lower than what my original neurologist prescribed. He wanted me to go up to 3x/day but I never did, thankfully. Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


@Jess09 i am sorry you are having a difficult time tapering off. That is a low dosage and didnt realize it can be problematic like that.

@turnitaround i have taken both meclizine(drowsy version) and xanax for about a week each at different occasions. 25mg of meclizine just made me sleepy and drowsy and knock me out for like 12 hours. I remember waking up one night and i spun for brief sec but did not care because i was drowsy and went back to bed. Xanax i believe supressed all of the rocking, swaying, and brain activity when i was laying down and fell asleep within half an hour. Of course i buillt up a tolerance and was taking 1.5 mg towards the end of the cycle to help me sleep. If you are not planning to take it everyday. I would suggest keeping some around in the drawer for those annoying days. You might not even need a full dose of .5mg. It’s fast acting and doesn’t last that long so i think this may be your best bet.


No, regular Dramamine is a different drug: Dimenhydrinate.

In the U.S., meclizine is sold as “Bonine” which can be found next to the Dramamine in drugstores. But Bonine is WAY more expensive than the generic Rugby bottle that I linked above.


In the U.S. meclizine is also sold as the all day less drowsy version of Dramamine. That’s what I have.


Ahh, I stand corrected! Thank you!

The Rugby product is much cheaper, though:

Dramamine All-Day Less Drowsy, Meclizine HCl 25mg: 8 tablets, $4.44
Rugby Meclizine HCl 25mg: 100 tablets, $6.25


Yes the less drowsy version of dramamine is meclizine


Thank you, this is good to know!


@Young_Lee Thank you, yes I don’t think it’s as common to have issues at such a “low” Xanax dose, but I have been on it for about 5 years now. That doesn’t help. That first neurologist really created a mess for me. It was a band-aid that allowed me to work at the time and was initially very helpful but I wish he would have done things much differently.

@turnitaround Maybe once every few months or less I take a slight extra Xanax dose, just once, if I’m having trouble falling asleep after laying in bed for hours dizzy, or extra dizzy and need to function, etc. Anyway, I usually only take 1/4 or 1/3 of my 0.5 mg tablet, so that could be as little as 0.125 mg! So you may only need a tiny dose like @Young_Lee suggested. I actually haven’t even taken an extra dose in at least 6 months, I don’t remember the last time!