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Relapse after doing so well 😧 Will it ever go for good?


I can’t take the supplements as they make me really dizzy too. I tried magnesium and B2 but gave up on them. I use a magnesium oil spray now. I wish they did all the supplements in oil form.


Be careful of confirmation bias. Symptoms will fluctuate in anycase so it’s really hard to correlate and determine the exact cause of symptom spikes. Don’t blame the wrong thing :slight_smile:

The worst thing about Magnesium supplements imho is the size of the pills, I thought I would choke several times.! :joy: The oil sounds helpful.


Hi Agnes,

I didn’t get any increase in dizziness or symptoms after taking the supplements, but I think like the meds they take time to work. I can only go by the fact that my recent vertigo attacks have become so much less severe, as has the recovery time.

Hope you start to get some relief soon,



thank you lorri I would love some of your positivity around now its been tough and im suffering bad with anxiety issues I need to be well for my son! x


Thanks all for your replies! Think I will leave the supplements first and let the Venlafaxine do his work.

Lorri: what kind of medicins do you take nowadays?


Try to be hopeful mellybob, I’m sure you will improve. I know the anxiety exacerbates and perpetuates the symptoms, so please get some help with that too.

Even some deep breathing techniques can help, as well as many other things. When I hit a bad patch I have a mantra and tell myself I am getting better and better despite all the negative thoughts that flood into my head and that I feel ill and debilitated.

Sending positive thoughts to you for feeling a bit better. XXX


I take Pizotifen Agnes. I’ve gone from 1.5mg which got me to 95% until a huge relapse. I’m now on 2.5mg and getting there again gradually, taking it one day at time!


Hi lorri. Does pizotifen help anxiety too?


Hi Heart, I don’t think it helped with the anxiety directly, as it took a while to really kick in. I was trying natural anxiety remedies like Bach’s especially when I tried to do things like going out for a walk.

How are you doing? Hope it’s got a better for you. X


Thanks. I’m not doing too good tbh. I’ve been on half a tablet for 2 weeks now and although the nausea has gotten a lot better, I feel more unsteady now and driving feels weird. Like I’m a bit disoriented. I also feel disconnected when I walk. I’m not sure whether to stay on these and increase the dosage of I’m feeling worse on them? I was so hoping this med would work.


Hey guys, 400mg magnesium glcyinate (KAL) brand and 200 mg of CoQ10 (Trader Joes brand) works for me - unless I drink too much caffeine. I should not drink caffeine at all but I usually try to keep it to 1 cup.St Johns Wort has also helped me out on those days when I need a mood lift. Hope you feel better soon. I’m never 100% but I’ve felt 98%. 300mg of CoQ10 sometimes helps even more but it bloats me after 200mg. xx ps SJW interacts with antidepressants, so I wouldn’t start taking it if you are on any meds without asking your dr. But I find it really helpful often - sort of acts like nortritpyline or zoloft I think, which are drugs that have helped others I know with mav.


So glad the nausea has gotten better Heart. Maybe it’s too soon to notice any significant difference on the Pizotifen as it’s a very low dose and also you’ve had it for so long?

I had the same weird symptoms as you, but after taking them, it got better very slowly, but it wasn’t linear progress, 1 step forward then 10 steps back! For me I was able to drive ok after about 6 weeks on them, then gradually walking and doing stuff improved a lot after a few months. I also had help with a vestibular physiotherapist for about 6 months from when I took them.

Liv85, I take 400mg of magnesium glycinate too along with CoQ10 and B2, I think they are helping. I can’t take any caffeine either :disappointed:

Glad it works for you without meds, wish I could get off meds and see if the supplements do it for me too, but I know it’s a bit of a long haul on them, until I see Dr S in April anyway.


Yes it’s hard to know what symptoms are what!! Am I feeling side effects or MAV symptoms. Another thing is I’ve had a bad cold over the week and that has exacerbated symptoms. I think I’ll continue on them as I’ve got to 3 weeks now just titrating up very minimally. I’ve also gone off sick from work to really give the meds a good go so knowing you are improving and others on this site have seen results from this med, I have to go with it!!! I’m also having telephone consultations with Kay from Dr surenthiran’s, the VRT lady but haven’t actually started any as I feel dizzier on the meds. I just hope all this settles down. I’m trying my hardest not to lose hope!!!


Is the magnesium safe to take without talking to doc or do you think it’s fine to try out?


I started taking it and my Dr. said it was fine, but to stick to the recommended dose. I take 200mg twice a day of magnesium glycinate, to avoid any gastrointestinal issues that other forms of magnesium can give you. For me it has been fine and I think it may have helped, but hard to know exactly as I’m on medication too.