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Recording Progress/Symptoms


Funny. I knew I’d live to regret it, never making a list if all my symptoms. The fact I didn’t came back to me recently, trying to fill in the Personal Diary Summary pro-forma. One beauty of at least a partial recovery is you forget the symptoms that have disappeared quite quickly. Not that that’s much help with the pro forma so I’d like to suggest the idea if record keeping particularly to newcomers, and maybe, anybody stopping at the start of a New Year to pause and reflect. MAV can be a protracted journey and such a record is useful to show progress and might even lift spirits at times of doubt. Best idea is maybe a ‘tick’ box system for present/absent, or some other way ie points out of ten/percentages to record frequency, intensity, and duration. So much easier that way to chart progress. How I wish I’d done that bit myself now. I know there are apps one can use out there which are probably more scientific. I’ve stuck with paper (remember that white stuff? And a biro mostly because screen sensivity figures high on my trigger list and I hate backlogs besides retrospective is never as accurate as real-time. Memory can play tricks on us. Helen


Yep, and that’s precisely why I’ve included that section, to give new-comers a very visible demonstration of how symptoms can lessen or go completely (even if it takes a looooong time!!! :zzz:)