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Hi, i just read your post and wondering how are you doing today? i too have about a 30% weeakening in my left inner ear and am struggling dealing this. The only remdy i heard that takes away the imbalance feelign is benzos and im hoping that the antidepressant they put me on a few weeks ago works. Any other suggestions. Much appreciated. Hope your doing better these days.


Hi Kim,

I am doing much better than when I wrote this post. I do take medication to help alleviate the symptoms. I take Nortriptyline 25 mg every night which helps with the overall imbalance feeling. I also use natural progesterone cream 100-200 mg every night because my hormones are a major trigger of mine. It has actually really helped me. I don’t feel any worse during my menstruation now, and it has really been life-changing. I used to be on a progestin only birth control which also helped but it was making me breakout like crazy so I switched to a more natural approach. Over the years I have discovered many things in my diet that seem to make me feel worse as well, so I no longer eat gluten (it helped immensely to remove it) bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, msg and basically try to eat as healthy as I can. Working out regularly also helps. I try to get 9 hours of sleep because it helps people with Migraines. Stress is a huge trigger for me an I’m a naturally anxious person so I am trying to meditate in the am to start my day off right. I try anything I can to help and I am always researching and trying to find triggers. Some days I feel really good, and some days I can still feel crappy but then the next day it gets better. The vitamins you are taking are definitely good. I do think Magnesium helped me a bunch. I haven’t tried VRT because I read somewhere that it made a girl’s symptoms even worse and she had very similar symptoms as me so I was scared out of it. I would just keep trying to figure out what you’re triggers are, keep a food journal, etc. Let me know if I can help you in any way, and I hope you feel better real soon!! Don’t give up! I promise it gets better. :slight_smile:


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