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Positional vertigo attacks


I wondered how many people get attacks of positional vertigo? Last summer I started getting them and recently I have had more. I know this can be part of MAV but I am sure mine are triggered when the pollen count is high. I wondered if anyone else finds the same and is there anything that can be done? I can’t take antihistamines x


hey Jem, hope your doing ok?

Have you tried this? its new and natural for hayfever! Im surrounded by fields of rapeseed :x

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Hey Sophie

No I haven’t tried it, have you? It sounds good for the nose symptoms but I really need to know what hayfever is doing to my brain to cause the vertigo. Hope you are still doing well?



Yes I have the positional vertigo as well.


Whirli, how often do you get them and for how long do they last? x


Sorry Jem…I am probably being a bit stupid here but what exactly is a positional vertigo attack, can u describe how u feel when it happens? xx


Hey Lizzie, it’s like a sudden onset of feeling like things are moving around you, like spinning vertigo I suppose. It seems to happen randomly - it has happened when I have been leaning back on a pillow reading, in the middle of the night I have woken with it or sometimes just a change in position. I then have to try to change position again to make it stop. Sometimes it resolves quickly within a few minutes other times I have been left feeling feeling very swimmy headed for a couple of days and things like bending forwards or lying backwards will trigger everything to start rotating again x


That’s horrible, so sorry. I haven’t had that myself. I hope it eases off soon. How is the gabapentin going? xxx


I never had it until last summer. At the beginning back in 2009 several ENT’s and GP’s said I must have BPPV but I kept saying it can’t be that because I don’t have episodes of spinning vertigo. Then when I got these attacks last summer I started to think I had developed BPPV but then I read that migraine can mimic BPPV so realised it is probably MAV. I did mention it to Dr S at my first appt and he said the vertigo is just another manifestation of the same thing (ie MAV). However, I would like to know why hayfever seems to trigger it for me.

I am still just taking 100mg Gabapentin at the moment. How are you doing? Are you still just on the antibiotics? xxx


I guess it’s because, like Dr S said in that letter I posted a quote from, anything underlying (I guess including hayfever??) can trigger the migraine, maybe when ur hayfever is worse ur migraine flares and u sort of get breakthrough symptoms and that’s why you have the vertigo spells? Yeah I’m still on the antibiotics. Taking the pragmatic (??!!) view that a few months can’t hurt and I want to see if the improvements continue. I might start on the gabapentin too though and just see what happens, thinking dose 1 tonight!! I am coming to the conclusion 100% that Lyme triggered MAV and migraine, and they are probably combined together in some weird hellish neuro problem that is me!! LOL. xx


Yes it’s like trying to untangle a spider’s web isn’t it. Hard to know where one thing ends and another begins!! You are probably right about the hayfever but I am just puzzled why it only started causing vertigo last year and not right away. I guess people say that MAV can change and morph over time. I wish it would just go away.

Sounds like a good idea to try the Gabapentin Lizzie. Let me know how you get on. Will be interesting to see if you get the tiredness side effect too xxx


the past 2 wks have been worse than usual…could be allergys?..i dunno.
today walking in the mall, felt like i just stepped off the tilt-a-whirl… :x it only lasted a minute but still…my anxiety levels go WAY up.

there is no ryhme or reason to it…makes me wonder how long this will go on for & should i just suck it up…or do i need to UP my doseage?\when i got home my legs & feet were aching…i feel like a 90 yr old woman some days instead of 54. :oops:


Hi Jem,

Yes I get positional vertigo and get spells of it. I hadn’t really thought about a link with the time of year, but now you’d said it I’ve been worse since May with it, and I remember it was the same last year as well. I also get hayfever, but am not sure if there is any connection, but I don’t really feel that there is, as my hayfever is generally at its worse in April (not this year though, as our spring was so cold it delayed the season!).


Beechleaf, it could be hayfever acting as a trigger. All my bad times and the start of MAV was always when I had bad hayfever. How often do you get the vertigo and for how long? x


Hi Jem,

Yes, it could be an additional trigger, but I’ve also had positional vertigo at other times of year so it’s not the trigger for all of it.

It’s difficult to answer your question about how long does it last. When I get the vertigo it just lasts for a few seconds. At the moment I’m only getting it if I turn over in bed to the right, and also if I bend over to look at something. So in that way it just seems like BPPV. However, unlike when I’ve had BPPV, when I’m having a spell like this I generally feel a bit off balance the whole time, and I get a lot of visual vertigo. I’ve been like this for quite a few weeks now, but I’m sure it will settle down again. To be honest, it’s perfectly liveable with, so I’m managing to work full time and I go running/walking lots, so it’s not stopping me doing things. I do however, have to make some adjustments. E.g. if I went out walking at the moment I would want somewhere with defined paths, so it’s not too bumpy (as I would find that too hard if the ground was very uneven). I also avoid the supermarket and get my groceries delivered, as I find the supermarket is the worst environment for me.

But when I took pizotifen I had a much better overall tolerance for things, and found life a lot easier. Apart from the weight gain, which I didn’t like at all!