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Poor Huey Lewis hit with sudden hearing loss due to Menieres Disease



I’m surprised that any of the older rock stars can still hear. They must have been exposed to so much loud music over the years. I think I remember reading that Pete Townshend is more or less deaf.


I know this is absolutely awful, but I bet he wants a new drug. I always sing that song when I’m dealing with some side effect or another.


Ha, ha, that’s the song that one of my friends always thought was saying, “I want a new truck.”


We can fly to the moon but we can’t cure Meniere’s disease? A sorry state of affairs!


Sad indeed! - for those of us affected, at least! It seems I should not be on this forum, as what I have is all Meniere’s - including the sudden onset loss of hearing in the formerly ‘good’ ear - and not MAV at all.
I hope for Huey’s sake that he gets better! I can totally see how he cannot perform, as I can’t even identify music that I have been listening to since I was a teenager any more!
I was called back to the ENT’s office to-day (no charge), for him to explain that this is all part of the Meniere’s and for him to ‘apologize’ for feeling helpless at not being able to offer any help. Both hearing and vertigo will fluctuate - and there is no remedy for it. He confirmed that there has really been little new information surfaced about Meniere’s since the 70’s!!! Just think about all the other advances in that time!!!
I have had impressions for hearing aids to be fitted, but that will be a whole new learning curve as well - not having had hearing in the left ear for 40 years!
I just have to review my formerly dismal view of the medical profession at large - both my (new) Audiologist and ENT have been very nice and gone out of their way to respect and try to help me! Wish I had met them many years ago!!!


Beth you are more than welcome. It would be sad if you never visited. In any case, there may be different flavours, but it’s a lot of the same symptoms. You’ve also been a great contributor of much wisdom.

Besides, I’m an odd one too, apparently?!


Beth, you ABSOLUTELY should be on this forum! As James said, there are many symptoms that are common to Meniere’s, MAV, SEH, BPPV, etc., and the strategies for dealing with those symptoms are many times the same no matter what is causing them.


Thank you, James and Anna. Certainly management of symptoms is universal, irrespective of ‘cause’…which no-one can pinpoint it seems.


Plus, this community is one you should keep. We’re richer for having you here.