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“Pacing” method


I came across this pdf as I researched Pacing; it’s for people with ME / chronic fatigue but I find that there’s a lot of overlap when MAV is chronic and affects daily life. Pacing is helpful in managing to still do a certain amount of activities without triggering a setback. I tend to do the boom and bust cycle - overdoing things when I have a better day and then experiencing a setback. So I’m hoping to pace myself better :slight_smile:


Good find and fantastic principle. I read of MAV consultants placing special emphasis on avoiding the ‘boom n bust’ cycle also in relation to chronic backpain too. Many overlaps. Trouble is in practice after many years of just accelerating through the day to ‘get everything done’, it’s become a ingrained habit for many but it’s certainly worth trying to change I say, tongue in cheek, cos I think I could well be suffering myself currently as a result of ignoring such a good principle! Helen

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Im with you on that Lucy! Overdoing it is kind of my job… I am still working it out! I’ve never really been the type to sit down and relax - MAV & MS have other ideas :pensive::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes I also find it hard to get myself to stop and relax. Dr S really insisted at my last appointment not to overdo things when I felt a bit better, he said to keep things even and activity low key. The next day I decided to de-weed the garden and mow the grass… I realised later that was too much! So still learning!
The idea with pacing is that you actually get more done and more consistently than with the boom and bust cycle.

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Agree… I like what you say, that we get actually more done if we pace ourselves.

Hope you are feeling better :slight_smile:


Good for you, Lucy. Yes, I’m sure there is a lot of overlap with MAV and any other illness that saps one’s energy. I actually know someone who is having counselling specifically about pacing herself.

Great find. :slight_smile:

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