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wow Emily…a lot to unpack there…Thanks


I don’t mean to be the superlative, I just sort of end up there. Perhaps if I wasn’t so stubborn, I’d seek treatment earlier and fall somewhere in the middle.

I’ve been in 4 car accidents, two of them serious. One of those should have killed me. I’d be surprised if the guy who broadsided my drivers door and hit his dash with his head lived. It was a rural intersection. We were both going 60 mph. He blew a stop sign. He hit me square in the door. The frame of my truck and the body separated by 4 inches. The metal on the opposite side of the cab buckled and tore. I walked away with bruises from the seatbelt and the steering column where it came sideways and hit my leg. I was 16.

Arthritis and migraine together pull my neck out of whack. When that goes, my sacrum and pelvis go. Physical therapy and this specialist chiropractor keep me walking and able to turn my head.


Emily, you have quite a past and your resurgence from all this is spectacular…this forum is lucky to have someone like you who takes the time to delve into details.


I can procrastinate like nobody’s business. :wink:


hi guys
just wondering if anyone else experienced these symptoms because sometimes I doubt the VM/MAV diagnosis
the strange head pressure, rocking sensation, ear pain, spinning vertigo but only inside my head and a general motion intolerance which all seem to worsen with stress and lack of sleep. then always get better after any period of sleep. is that still MAV or could it be something related to the inner ear? considering it gets better after sleeping ( lying down for a while)

also has anyone tried topamax and had success or is it mainly effexor and ami that are recommended?

so confusing sometimes

would really appreciate some help


I get all of those. James will say inner ear. I say MAV. It doesn’t matter which because treatment is the same. Some people do great on topomax. I didn’t. You have to try a series of meds to see what works for you personally. This takes a lot of patience and fortitude.


just to make this clarification about my opinion - I believe in the MAV diagnosis, its a definite syndrome, just look how many people share the symptoms - just believe that the issue starts in the inner ear, not the brain …

as you were :slight_smile:


Hi there, while i cant answer your 1st question, unless anyone can correct me, i’ve been made to believe you’d get a proper insight to it over a 6 month period. Keep a diary initially and see how you get on with what works and what doesnt work for you