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Oh my goodness..Help me!!


I have been given the run around…Meniere’s Disease…Vestibular Migraines…maybe MS. A few days ago…I was thinking…maybe it is the old Lyme Disease I had years ago creeping back in. I am beginning to lose my mind! The ringing in my ear won’t stop…woke up one day with leari g loss. The dizziness and occasional vertigo are making me a basket case…feeling anxious and depressed. People think I am just crazy because I don’t look sick. The doc prescribed topomax…which I didnt take after reading side effects. Please tell me there is hope. I am beside myself. I am a teacher…and dreadong going back next week…because I don’t feel well. I am in Florida…how do I find a lld in the Clearwater area.


Oh no! Suzette, sorry you join us but you’ve found the right lot!

You aren’t going mad, time to check out the complete MAV protocol to get things under control.

Topamax is a very tough one. Very surprised you tried that first.

Suggest you discuss other medication, particularly low dose Amitriptyline, Noritriptyline or Propanolol with your doc and go from there … take a look at the big med poll for what has helped people and statistics show meds are worth it despite side effects.

Read through the Support Wiki

Especially the diet and the medication pages

These are the supplements people have found helpful too

You will get better!


I’m not too far from you (Sarasota). I haven’t been to this doctor but he was one that I found that I thought might be a possibility:


Knowledge is power.!! As James suggests, read what you can here, as it comes from people who have walked the same road as you! Just realizing that you are not alone helps a lot, too. In my experience, a name for what ails you is less important than finding what helps you feel and live better.
Sending good vibes your way.