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Ocular or retinal migraine


Ironic really. I worked on computers for ever, long, long hours. Always knew they were triggers to an extent but it’s surprising, more than coincidence, a couple of hours on PC first in three or more years and BAM! Despite meds and general great improvement in balance. Helen

@Amylouise. My homemade Chinese should be fine. No MSG and no soy sauce. Unless it’s the vinegar and pineapple which is ‘banned’ by John Hopkins Diet plan. Helen


Well, that’s interesting, the timing. I could say much the same with regards to timing. As you say it’s minor compared with 24/7 dizziness, or 8 days of constant vertigo! Helen


Ah didn’t realise it was home made I never know what triggers me food worse but I do try to avoid as much as I can :grimacing:


I’d possibly guess the pineapple. I stay away from pineapple (citrus) and pickles (fermented) when cooking. You could try to see if one or the other causes it. I definitely use white vinegar to cook which isn’t a trigger instead of lemon (citrus trigger).


I’ll be humming along just fine and then out of nowhere my thresholds will hit the floor. Happened yesterday. I walked away from my dinner just as we were ready to eat and hid in my bedroom with earplugs and a sleep mask for over an hour. Apparently, it was a good dinner but I certainly didn’t want it.

MAV’s like a boomerang.