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Occupational health will not let me work


I am very happy that diet worked for you. I started with a complete elimination diet to no avail. I am still a 24x7 sufferrer I cannot walk or drive and I have daily TIA-like symptoms (single-sided numbness, weakness, confusion/cognitive problems, etc.) I am a research scientist in the USA and the occupational health department at my place of employment wll not let me work – I have already had my disability terminated on me once and it looks like the process to cut it off has started again. The big two providers in the US are UNUM and The Hartford – both have a one star rating for presumably terminating benefits. For me, after consulting an attorney and appealing the first decision to terminate benefits was reversed. I expect failure during round two, though I,ll have to spend 20 or 30 thousand dollars fighting them.

<personal political rant-- editors, feel free to delete from here to the end of ths post> I typically vote republican though definitely not for our current president. Our healthcare/insurance has abyssmal oversight and it has become my #1 voting topic followed by keeping our great immigration melting pot. We need to remind one politician in Washington that freedomof religion is a foundational tenant of our country.

Caffeine restriction and Migraine Diets

@mk1, feel free to have a political rant, especially if related to healthcare provision!

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I was made redundant from work and have not tried to claim any benefits, but I’ve been relatively lucky and hope to return to work sometime soon.

I just hope you find a protocol to help you stabilise and live as normally as possible and get the support you deserve.

Have you found a med that helps you yet? Forgive me if I’ve missed an earlier post on the matter.