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Not yet a success story, but feeling hopeful


Do you know if they ship by chance?


They do not.


The oil doesn’t seem to sit with me and the pills sit with me a little better (had about 17 of them thus far; started with once a day then tried twice a day and have 13 more to try but unsure it’s worth the potential increase in dizziness/fatigue). I think I’ve tried a number of types of cbd and ways to take it that it just doesn’t seem to help sadly.


@nosretep, wondering how your doing with the protocol mentioned in this thread? I’m going to give CBD oil a whirl for the first time. Thanks!


What’s exerdrin?


I think it is similar to UK’s Anadin Extra? Not available in UK.


it is aspirine with caffeine, or ibuprofen with caffeine, for migraine, i think


he must be doing well because he has not been back here :slight_smile: