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Not yet a success story, but feeling hopeful


So I did not want to classify this as a success story, but I did want to share what I have been having success with.

Some background: I have been struggling with Vestibular Migraines since March, and I have been put on a variety of meds. I take Migrelief/CoQ10 (vitamins) and 60mg of Cymbalta (med). I also take a decent amount of Excedrin throughout the day. This helped calm things down, but I still felt like I was in a dream a lot of the time. I called my neurologist and they decided to write me a prescription for Topomax. After reading forums on this drug, and side effects people experienced, I decided that I was going to look for other alternatives before I started taking that. (the idea was to wean me off Cymbalta, and onto Topomax.)

Here is what I did:
As of last week, - I started taking CBD pills. These have worked wonderfully for me. I actually lowered my Cymbalta dose to 30mg everyday, and I take a 35mg CBD pill in the a.m. I will also take some CBD oil when needed (maybe an extra 10/20mgs per day.) - I have been using Charlottes Web CBD plus pills. (and CW oils. This brand is very credible in the CBD space, and has been regarded as “one of the best”) I still take my daily supplements alongside this.

This has proven to be very effective for me, as I have not even taken an Excedrin in over a week.

So, if anyone has thought about CBD, and never tried it - I encourage you to give it a shot. I feel better that I was able to lower my Cymbalta dose, and I am not spending my day wondering when I can take my next Excedrin.

Feel free to ask any questions if you are interested in knowing more - but I figured I would share my experience with it. My decision to do this was based on the similarities between the illnesses topomax and CBD are known for treating (epilepsy is a big one). I figured, if a natural substance can provide similar treatment, why not try it.


I can’t take NSAIDs anymore because of kidney issues. CBD has also been a great help to me. I’ve stabilized at about 85-90% with 37.5 mg Effexor XR, 50 mg CBD in the evening and the occasional 12.5 mg of Meclizine. I would like it if I could lose the 5 pounds Effexor gave me back, but I’m not complaining. I feel like a success story.


Yeah, I’m curious why its so helpful. If I take CBD that has 0% THC I don’t notice anything. But another brand had some THC and it did help a lot.


Mine has a small amount of THC. I don’t know if it’s that or if it’s that my CBD is marijuana derived instead of hemp.


@flutters, the cbd I take is also from marijuana. Basically, most hemp products are from hemp seeds. If the cbd you are using says “from aerial parts” that means that your cbd oil/capsule is made out of the plant that grows above surface. The Stanley brothers who make charlottes web have made a plant that is very cbd heavy, with minimal thc in it. It’s expensive, but I feel like it’s worth it as I know what I’m getting each time. (A consistent product)


In Washington, we seem to have decent consistency as each of the bottles are labeled for CBD/TCH content and all marijuana plants rather than hemp seeds. Mine are sun grown, but I don’t know if it matters much whether they grow outside or under lamps.


I think the brand of CBD I tried with THC is about 2% which is probably super small for someone experienced with cannabinoids, but I can feel it - wouldn’t consider myself high at all, but it changes my behavior a bit.

I see that the charlottes web is <0.3%, which is what I’d consider minimal. Maybe I should try that one next, although like I said I tried one with 0% THC and couldn’t feel anything.


Hmm I’ve tried cbd in many forms but it didn’t help but now I’m wondering if I actually tried the 35-50mg range (guess I could try and see). How long did it take for you to notice improvements?


Takes a couple of hours to work into my system, but it worked the first time at the higher dose.


It took me a day to notice the improvement. I have been doing very well on it, and if you are willing to try it I have a few suggestions:

  • Stick to a reputable brand and be willing to spend the money to try it. (I get a 30 count of pills for $58)
    You want to use a brand that is extracting their hemp extract from aerial parts, not from seeds, and has a consistent product.
  • Understand how much CBD is in each dose you are taking. For instance, the Charlottes Web everyday drops state that there is 11mg Hemp Extract in each dropper, but there is only about 6-7mg CBD in each.
  • Be patient with the trials and errors. You may take too little at first before you find you sweet spot.
  • For me, im about 200lbs and take 35mg +plus pill form Charlottes Web, and then 1-2 droppers of everyday throughout the day.


does it help with dizziness?


For me it has tremendously.


And nausea.


is hemp oil similar to cbd oil?


An interesting, related article here:


and how was your dizziness? like spinning or rocking?


the regulation is complicated and absurd…


When you say 1-2 droppers, you mean 10/20mgs? And that’s including the cbd and hemp or do you mean 10/20mgs of just the cbd? (I assume of hemp and cbd as I imagine it’s hard to gauge 10/20mg given there’s only 6-7mg of cbd in each dropper).

I’m buying the 35mg CW+ pills and 10mg dropper (and will try 10-20mg) as I’m 1.5 months into my aimovig trial but I have access to CW here so I’m going to try it as my mother wants to try it to for back pain.

I’m 150lbs 6’3" and I tried cbd pain butter on my neck and felt dizzy (which is rare for cbd products) but maybe it was the smell as maybe cbd products like tinctures will make me feel a little dizzy but that was from high pure cbd where they threw the whole plant and vatted it down into black oil


Where did you buy a 30 count of pills for $58? Was that the CW brand? Cheapest I found was 30 pills for $70.


I have a pharmacy by my house that has a retail deal with a local hemp products company/distributor.
(I live in Pennsylvania)