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Nortriptyline and topamax?


does anyone know if you can take nortriptyline and Topamax together? im on nortriptyline and propranolol at the min but thinking of asking my doctor to add in Topamax if I can, any advice on this would be great!


Yes you can, my Neuro is going to add in topomax to my nortriptyline if I am no better on 35mg of Nortriptyline


Hi Revolving are you still taking topamax and nortriptyline? How is it going? My doc is thinking about putting my on nortrptyline or amitriptyline along with my topamax because i am having trouble sleeping on the topamax. hope you are doing well!


Hello dizzydad. Yes I am on 10mg nortriptyline because when I went up to 20mg I had the worst stomach cramps ever and became really unsteady so went back down to 10mg which is great at controlling the 24/7 nausea. So they added in topiramate which I take at 25mg split in two doses, 12.5mg am and 12.5mg pm. I was supposed to go up to 50mg but have had such a great result with 25mg I am staying on that. I get a bit more ear fullness, or pressure changes with the topiramate but I can live with that as I can now do most things without getting dizzy!!!:grinning: It is truly amazing because before the meds I couldn’t clean my flat, put my shopping away, chop vegetables, basically move unless it was in a straight line! I haven’t tried dancing yet but I feel like it!

I hope the combination works as well for you too☺