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Noises setting me off, how normal is this?


My first vertigo attack in 7 years was 4 days ago and ever since I’ve been off balance and unsteady. One symptom in particular has me feeling very uneasy. Any loudish noise seems to hit my head and make it vibrate, which puts me on the edge of another vertigo attack. Does that make me sound crazy? I may not be explaining it very well. It’s very disconcerting, even something as simple as putting the dishes away is making me uncomfortable because of the noise. I guess I could say my brain feels very sensitive to noise. I know way back when I would get migraine headaches Ioud noises would bother me but not to this extent. I’m afraid I’ll run into one to many loud ones and it will set off the vertigo. Anyone else have this problem? Anything help it?


hyperacusis can be a VM symptoms…did you ever have VEMP testing and did it ever indicate PLF or SCDS. Because PLF and SCDS can cause hyperacusis as well.

Curious did you have remission for 7 years from VM or just motion sensitivity for 7 years and no vertigo ?


Hyperacusis, yes, thank you, I knew there was a word for it. I haven’t had VEMP, only VNG which showed probable central vertigo.

I’ve been vertigo free for 7 years. The other symptoms have still been around particularly motion sensitivity, motion sickness, fragrance sensitivity. I’ve been reading some of my posts from way back then and I believe some of the symptoms have lessened somewhat over the years, or else I’ve adjusted and thus learned to live with them. But now I feel I’m back at square one.


are you on any meds ? or were you taking any preventatives?


Last night was the worst ever for these noises setting me off. I seriously thought about going to the ER. I tried to do my dishes but the noise of plates against bowls against glasses against forks/spoons/knives was just too much to handle. It kept jolting my brain, bad, over and over. I took my temp to make sure I wasn’t sick and it was 94.6. Thought the thermometer was broken so took it on two others and it was 95. Good Lord, what is wrong with me?

I have never been so sensitive to noise in my life. I don’t know if this coming back after 7 years is a recurrence of the old problem or an entirely new problem. And I’m in between PCP’s right now, so i don’t even have a doctor to go to.


@bookworm, are you male or female? If you are female, do you have any thyroid or parathyroid problems? I’m wondering if that might be why your body temperature is so low.


try using “ear planes” to mute the sounds, might give you temporary relief

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I have many symptoms of hypothyroidism and have suspected I might be because I eat very low sodium (and therefore no iodized salt and iodine is needed for the thyroid to work correctly, neither do I eat dairy and very little seafood both are great sources of iodine). My TSH level has been slowly rising and FreeT4 slowly falling, both of which would indicate heading towards hypo but my last blood work in October was perfectly normal. I dunno!!!


Good idea GetBetter. I’ve been wrapping scarves around my head when doing dishes to mute the noise but they really aren’t helping. I definitely need something stronger.


Even the foam earplugs from Walmart/CVS/Walgreens will work fine.


Now I’m worried, the noise thing is worse, but also other things are causing these brain jolts, such as laughing, moving too fast and even swallowing. A friend of mine said it sounds nerve related. I don’t even know what to do at this point. I know I need to see a doctor but I’m between PCP’s now so I don’t even have one (appt with new doctor is in 2 weeks, don’t think I can last that long). Maybe I’ll go to the urgent care.


Read up on the vagus nerve and see whether it fits with what you’re describing: