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Nice scientific study on supplements)


What I like about it, is that it is methodical, published in a top journal, covers 10 years of research. Puts supplements under 3 categories: from most to least effective

Butterburr tops the list. Yet I was doing some research on this forum and I did not really find much discussion about it.
Just a couple of people who were prescribed this (Petadolex) by their doctors (just like me) because they cannot handle the common drugs.
On Amazon the reviews are great, including by someone who has MAV. Amazon say they are verified customers, but they do somehow sound like a sale pitch. That is why I had to search on pub med.


Petadolex and Dolovent are very helpful to me. If I don’t take them, migraine keeps me awake at night.


Cool article, thanks for sharing that.

I’ve tried Butterbur and Feverfew, which work well for the head pressure / aches over time, but I’m also really allergic to weeds (both Butterbur and Feverfew belong to the ragweed family) and I believe I get an irritated throat and other weird symptoms over time. Not 100% sure its Butterbur/Feverfew, but I stopped taking it.

Right now I just stick to CoQ10 / Magnesium / B2 / Fish Oil, all of which do really well for me but of course it takes weeks and months to feel the benefit. I’ve started and stopped them many times so I am sure of the effect they have.

Next one I’m going to try is NAC - acetyl cysteine. It also helps with anxiety apparently. I remember my ENT years ago recommending it as something to try when I had my sudden hearing loss / tinnitus in my left ear. I haven’t seen much research on NAC for migraines, but people seem to speculate it should work similar to CoQ10.


My neurologist actually put me on B2 & B12


Interesting, yeah I was about to try some B12 as well. Did he recommend a specific dose or brand?


Neurologist/psychiatrist did blood work and told me I was a little low and told me to take B12, he didn’t mention dosage or brand. Neurologist who put me on B2 (Riboflavin) prescribed it so CVS pharmacy has been giving me their brand and taking four 100 mg pills every morning. Also taking Fish Oil & Magnesium, but did read Glycine is more beneficial than Magnesium.


Thanks for sharing I can only see feverfew on amazon so I gather it is the same thing, I am on the drugs from the doctors which most of the time work but struggle with thick head as if a migraine is coming or get the pain behind my eye often but didn’t want to increase my drugs anymore so I will try these alongside, thanks


FYI I started on that already, so if anyone has questions about how this is going (in a month or two) you can ask here… so far no side effects


Along your Glycine comment… forgot to mention that Magnesium Glycinate is a good form to take because it combines the Glycine and Magnesium together. I buy it bulk and drink it although it tastes a bit funny.


They have magnesium in liquid form?


You can mix Magnesium Glycinate powder in water. Or, you can make Magnesium Bicarbonate water:

Both are excellent forms to get magnesium. I also like Epsom Salt baths and a magnesium topical spray.

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I have a membership at a sensory deprivation float chamber. It’s a giant vat of body temperature water with 950# of Epsom salt. Very nice, particularly for those hypersensitive days. I’ve arrested migraines in there. Though it helps to have a vestibular suppressant.


I will be interested to hear how the Butterbur goes…have not really heard about it nor seen it on our local shelves. Off to do a bit of research!
I find Feverfew helps when head pressure starts turning to headache (I am actually a long time Meniere’s sufferer, seldom having headaches) I also take Ginko, magnesium, vit B com. and have just started on CoQ10.


Don’t use butterbur directly. It’s a liver toxin. Instead, use Petadolex if you can get it. That’s a standardized version of the butterbur without the toxin. I’ve been using it to great effect for two years. The same company, Linpharma, also makes Dolovent. That’s a migraine specific vitamin supplement with clinical trial levels of the major vitamins. I use both. I order them online directly from Linpharma but Amazon carries them, too.


Thank you, Emily. Did a bit of research and find it is most specifically for Migraine - my problem is actually Meniere’s, although I have graciously been allowed to remain in this group as most symptoms are the same.


We wobbly types need to stick together!


Couldn’t find what dose of CoQ10 it recommends? I tried 400 then 300 spread out for what felt like a month and stopped and it maybe helped a little but tried it again and seemed to worsen dizziness


Same thing happened with B12 at around 500-1500 mg


I take 100mg, 3 times daily as recommended by my Neurologist. I use the bioavailable form Ubiquinol, which I heard makes a difference, but who knows. None of the supplements have an immediate benefit, sometimes they even made me feel worse at the start, just like you say. But over the course of several months it is clear that they help. I had to start first by getting used to just one per day, then when I was used to that, go to two, and so on.