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New to this forum/my story


To start: Thanks to all who contribute to this forum. It is helpful to hear other perspectives and this has been a wealth of information in my short time on this site.

I’m a 29 yr old guy who experienced my first spell of dizziness one weekend in February 2018. It lasted a couple days (maybe 3 at most) and then went away and stayed away until about another month. When it came back the next month, my symptoms were worse, so I went to an urgent care (it was a Saturday) and was treated for an ear infection. I will as put on amoxicillin and it went away. Another couple weeks went by and the dizziness returned so my next step was my family doctor. With this being my 3rd dizzy spell in about 6 weeks, the doctor diagnosed me with vertigo and instructed me to contact her if it happened again (she also prescribed me antivert (meclizene) which did nothing but make me tired) I stopped taking it as it was not doing much for me. She made it very clear that my ear was not infected at the time of my visit.
When my vertigo returned about a month later (so now this is around early April) they sent me for to a neurologist. The dr did a few tests in the exam room and told me he wanted to do an MRI to make sure nothing else was going I had a MRI done, and all results were fine. They also did a VNG test which tested my inner ears. That also came back okay.
At this point, I had been suffering the dizziness symptoms for about 3 months. They would come and go and the severity seemed to grow with the frequency. Now, for the last couple weeks my dizziness has been paired with a headache which prompted another visit to the neurologist. At the end of the day, I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines.

Here is where I currently am at:
Having more frequent episodes that tend to string along for weeks. A very “brain fog” like feeling, paired with a spaced out/dizzy feeling and a headache. I can manage through most of my days, but not comfortably. (I have left work a couple times mid-day, only to go home and sleep because I was that dizzy.)

Some factors that may be causing the migraines??
I work a somewhat stressful job,and I am still learning it as I was hired less than a year ago. My point is there are daily stresses at work.
I also have gone through some personal stuff which has added to the stress.
Maybe there is a correlation??

Some things that have worked for me:
I was so bad last week that I called my neurologist and he decided to put me on Valium. He only gave me 3 5mg pills, and I took half a pill (2.5mgs) every night before bed. Woke up feeling way better. Based on other polls on this forum, I see that Valium has helped others too…I would be one of those people as well. My issue- the neurologist does not want to prescribe it again (I guess because it’s a controlled substance???its aggravating because I found something that works, and now it’s been taken away)
Another thing that has helped is a OTC med called migrelief. It doesn’t get rid of headaches, but I personally think it helps suppress them.

At this point, I feel okay enough to go to work and do my job/spend time with my wife after work, but not good enough to feel productive at work or at home.i feel like 1 am stuck in this dizzy/brain fog limbo. I forgot to mention I also have some ear fullness feeling most days. (I’m sure many can relate)

What is my next move?

  1. If it continues to get worse, I’m finding someone who can prescribe me Valium. I know this isn’t ideal, but if it works I’ll do it… I understand this is a short term fix to a long term problem, but I’m tired of feeling this way.
  2. Keep taking migrelief and a shit ton of excedrin everyday. (Not effective)
  3. Try CBD. I’ve been researching and looking for reputable companies who have consistent/safe products. I’m not a guy who smokes weed or anything, and wouldn’t run to the dr. to get my medical card anytime soon, but if there is a natural solution to help my migraines, I’ll do it.
    I looked CBD up on the forum and I know few have tried it, so I am at a loss when it come to viable info on this. (For those not aware it is essentially cannabinol. There is no THC in the product and it is basically all the benefits without the high. )

That’s it for now… if you made it this far thanks. I would love to hear what you guys think or if you have any suggestions or strategies to help reduce the frequency/severity of these migraines.


short answer for next steps…there are a plethora of migraine preventative meds…at your own leisure read up the site wiki and other posts…you can try supplements of magnesium, coq10 and vitamin b2 and if it does not work then you can ask neurologist for amitriptyline or effexor and they are good ones to kick off the trials


Your story sounds alot like mine and many on this board. Listen to getbetter and try those supplements and meds. I know antidepressants have a bad stigma(at least i use to think so before this board) and they are a game changer.


Thanks for the feedback. I failed to
Mention I am taking Co Q 10 and magnesium (the magnesium is found in the migreleif)


I’ve just looked up migrelief and think I’m going to try it. I’m also about to try CBD if you want to trial it around the same time? My symptoms are very similar to yours and I’m not yet on prescription drugs.


I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with the same stuff…I hope the migrelief works for you.
I sent you a DM if you want to discuss further…


Hey ! Im 19 with vertigo, i woke up one morning to use the bathroom as usual and the whole room was spinning . I couldn’t even walk. I also smoke cannabis, when smoking weed a normal side effects ( sometimes not most ) is a dizzy feeling. Cannbis has helped me put vertigo at ease . If you havent ever smoked your going to feel as if the thc levels are too high which could trigger anitexy but its only because you’re new to it and your body isnt use to it . As someone who also has insomnia it has also helped me a tad with that. ( this is just a little feedback for anyone new with vertigo) like i said before it could be too much thc levels for some just try different strains . The medication they may provide to help veritgo make not work for some. I was literally a slug talk to your doctor about different options as well if you think it’ll help. I hope this found anyone well. Best wishes.