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I was reading these posts and how familiar many of the debilitating symptoms were to me before I found permanent relief. I was extremely frustrated before I found the answer.
I felt hopeless in trying so many modalities to “fix” my atlas and put it into position.
Then I found Atlasprofilax which is worldwide and has helped millions of people with only one treatment.
It seemed like a leap of faith because it claims that only one treatment is needed to put the atlas into it’s correct position and they guarantee it will stay. You only pay once ($300) and they will see you going forward if needed- for free!! That is AMAZING! They stand behind their claim and I respect that about atlasprofilax. The day I got treated I felt amazing!!! I was hesitant to believe this to be true, but 2 years later, I am still symptom free.
Go to their website and find a practitioner near you- REALLY!!! :slight_smile:


Does sound very familiar like a lot of cases on here - neck & back bone and muscle issues interfering with the brain balancing system which may already have some ear malfunction going on already. Simply you have Migraine Associated Vertigo and will get some of the symptoms of it. Reading the post on this forum "an appointment with DR Surenthiran is a must in explaining what is happening to you and why you are feeling anxiety and other feelings. It is not your fault so do not let any doctor think or hint that you are just anxious - weve all been through this and know that helpless feeling of uncertain symptoms…once on the right medication you should get back to a normal ish life - Im on Propranalol - discuss with your doctor what works best for you,


look into AtlasPROfilax. It is an amazing one time treatment for symptoms like yours.
There is an International website which lists practitioners in the US- atlasprofilax/ch/eng.
I know lots of people (including myself) that are ecstatic with their results.

Good luck!! :slight_smile: