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New Migraine drug out this week - 'Aimovig'


Ive read “miracle migraine drug” and read online about it. It was widely spread across the news too! I remember my mum calling me to tell me about it. Bless her… I suppose only time will tell but I am willing to be a guinea pig for them of they need one for trials etc… :hamster:


The content has been updated at that link, apparently.

The most reliable info source I’d imagine on such things. The drugs companies are of course going to talk their products up. Helen


We are so fortunate to have Dr. Hain, who not only keeps up on the latest research but is also kind enough to post it on his website so that we can all stay updated!


How’s the aimovig working for you ? Did you try any preventatives before Aimovig.

Has anyone tried Erenumab for Migraine prevention? (Aimovig)
Does MAV get worse the longer you have it

The first 4 months on Aimovig 70mg were promising. I noticed a change in head pressure after 2 1/2 months. Then on month 4 it seemingly had no effect. I upped my dosage to 140mg this month, I’ll let you know how it goes. Are you thinking of trying Aimovig? I need to go to my pharmacy and get my full list. These are the meds (that I can remember) I’ve tried for a preventive:
Effexor XR










Woah thats an exhaustive list. I am curious to see if Aimovig and Ajovy will help VM sufferers.


What can I say? I’m a human guinea pig. :joy:Second to dizziness, barometric pressure is a big problem for me. With the Aimovig, I feel invincible when clouds roll in! I was enrolled in a program by my doctor that covers 12 doses (2 a month) for free because my insurance won’t approve it. I figure I’ll stick it out, and hope it works again. What are you doing to manage your symptoms? Any feedback would be great! You can message me too.


Hi dizzyexplorer!

Glad to hear the Aimovig made a slight difference in head pressure! You sure sound asif you’ve had enough trial and error meds to deal with! Did any of the drugs make any difference to you? I am keen to hear your experiences with Aimovig :grin: I hope it helps you! Please do keep us updated on your progress! :+1:


@MNEK18 thank you! Of all the ones I’ve tried the side effects were either too great or there was no noticeable impact. I’ll certainly keep you updated. :two_hearts:


Absolutely. That would certainly be something worth knowing for us all although the high cost would make it out of reach of many, and in UK I cannot see it being made available to many on our NHS (free at point of contact) service. Helen