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I am taking vitamin d since its winter and you hardly see the sun. What was your trig level? Mine was at 475mg last september. Pretty sure it has gone down a bit because i lost so much weight. I noticed you do lot of activities past midnight. Are you sleeping well?


Mine is at 475 :frowning: . It’s funny cause I’ve been losing pounds --248 or so last August to 220 now, but I noticed I’m carrying more “fat”. I usually go to sleep around 3-330 am. I’m trying to curb that. Went to sleep tonight at 130 am (it’s 330 am now) but I keep waking up, this last time I got up to take a Pepcid since I woke up due to acid reflux cause eating food late and to check this site since I walked around. Yesterday I woke up 430 pm so I’m trying to curb back to an earlier wake up routine especially if I want to get back into a workplace. Up by 8, bed by 12-1ish.


Sorry for picking this back up, but did you get dizzy at all from the vitamin D pill? Mine is also 50k D2. My biggest concern is vertigo, since magnesium pill form sent me into vertigo. I’m tempted to ask my neurologist if he considers the pill benign like the vitamin B that I take just to be a bit more on the safe side since I’m very concerned about putting anything into my body now.

As an update, the last couple days have been more rocky than usual. I’ve been congested and my sinuses are acting up, yesterday and today I’ve been getting facial pressure and I’m very concerned about getting a sinus infection so I’ve been chugging the water.


I know you didn’t ask me, but… I had a severe Vitamin D deficiency more than 10 years ago. I took the 50,000 IU prescription pill once a week for five months. From that point on I was told to take 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (over the counter) for the rest of my life.

I get my level checked every year or two and the 2,000 IU is keeping my levels where they should be.

I had no side effects from either the prescription version or the over-the-counter version.


Thanks, Anna. I was more or less as well looking for everyone’s input, so I’m glad you chimed in. :slight_smile:

I took this prescription back in 2014 or so and was fine then, but ever since I’ve come down with the VM condition I’ve been sensitive to everything so I’ve been way more cautious than usual of everything I take. Even Vitamin B at 100 mg made me a bit dizzy/imbalanced, but I titrated up to 400 and every time I moved up by 100 every 4-5 days it’d be the imbalance again.


If your Vitamin D level was low in 2014, and it’s low again, you probably need to be taking some D3 every day. The best place for information about Vitamin D is the Vitamin D Council:

If you’re worried about taking the large prescription dose, you could start with a small over-the-counter dose of D3. Probably the smallest dose they sell is 1,000 IU.



Thank you for the link!
I’m a little more educated on the D3 and D2 lingo now, but I’m wondering what my neurologist would say to take then since he’s familiar with the VM condition. I was prescribed 50,000 D2 and I’m seeing D3 is more natural for the body and lasts longer. I have 5k or 10k D3 pills that I bought before VM that I used to take and stopped. Perhaps I’ll try that and if it works (no issues) then I’ll go back to that and take it daily 5x a week, however, should I be concerned that my body will start to decrease in making it’s own D3 because it’s supplemented?


Sinusitis sucks and if you do get an infection take decongestants right away, even before they start getting really clogged up. It can trigger an attack of vertigo (it has with me)

Hope you start feeling better really soon! (hope we all do!)


Also do you take anything other than the vitamins? (sorry if youve mentioned it before on a different thread!)


It’s the worst. It’s gotten worse the past 3 years or so. Feel like when my diet went downhill more and drinking beer which I was sensitive to (2015 and on) when I shouldn’t have added to it cause my body was fighting the digestive issues yet also having issues with my sinuses. Overwhelmed the system and would always get upper resp infections. I had to start opting for stronger antibiotics because zpacks wouldn’t even dent it.

I only take vitamin B2 400 mg in the morning daily.

I’m kind of nervous to even touch a decongestant.
There’s only a couple of things I’ve touched since having this full blown VM. I’m glad I can still use tiger balm if I have any muscle tightening in my back. And I can have Pepcid, tums.

Ps. Thank you :slight_smile: I hope you’re doing a bit better.

I’d like to add, can we go back to Feb 2014 before all this occurred and when I was much more fit/healthy? Haha. I promise I’ll stay away from all the bad stuff and live a clean life so I can enjoy chocolate again every once in awhile. Watching the Winter Olympics these past couple days makes me miss snowboarding a lot.


Know exactly how you feel. I used to rollerboogie, dance street and tango …


I feel ya, I wonder if sinuses and all this are related? Because funnily enough my sinuses have been troublesome ever since this whole thing started. Hang in there!


No. The body will continue to make its own Vitamin D, if it can. I say that because if your levels are low again, it means your body isn’t making enough. Mine doesn’t make enough even though I now live in Florida and get enough sun to have year-round swimsuit tan lines.

I originally had my Vitamin D tested when they were looking for causes of my low bone density (Vitamin D is necessary for the body to absorb calcium to build bones). A lot of my female relatives have osteoporosis and it makes me wonder if we have some genetic trait that prevents us from making enough Vitamin D.


You were a beast! haha, that’s awesome. Have you given some thought on trying any of them again?

I’m wondering the same myself with sinus issues. Did you get off the drug you were on since it was sending you off more kilter?
2 of my brothers get migraines. One it blackens out for him with the aura then 30 mins later severe pain and he gets exercise induced migraines too. The other brother gets headaches with the weather or usually barometer pressure change, almost every or every other day. He takes excedrine migraine and it helps him dull the headache,

Good to know, the doctor is very pushy on me using the D2 prescription, even when I asked if I can use 10k D3 5x a week. I might have to self advocate here. Today I tested 1,000 IUs of D3 and I felt a bit light headed/off for a good 30mins-hour or 2. I’ll try 5k tomorrow, then move to 10k. I’m honestly more into D3 because it’s better absorbed by the body. Thanks for your notes! Hopefully your Vit D is up and the tan is always nice too being in the Florida sun! :joy::slight_smile:

An update from last night and today
2/13/2018 - 1:40 A.M. - Drove home from parents house and as I was sitting up in bed I noticed as I was breathing in through my nose I heard it through my left ear as if there was a hole inside my left ear, then I got a leaking sensation in both ears. I even tried clogging my left ear with my finger and breathed in and I could still hear it as if I was breathing through my left ear. It’s as if my left ear was hollow.
1:58 am, still sitting up after feeling all the leaking feeling, there was inner ear fullness in my left ear. I decided to just go to sleep.

2/13/2018 - Took the 1000 IU’s and was a bit light headed I think for an hour or so. I laid down when I felt rubbish. My doctor is persistent about the D2 prescription, but I’m going to work on doing 10k D3 to work it back up since it’s more natural for the body. The doctor made it sound much more drastic. I was looking at my past results and 2 years ago I was at 20, and then 2015 I was at 13 which is very very low. Now I’m currently at 18. I think I’m going to do the D3 way, especially since I’m very sensitive to medicine.
See picture below for results and what’s deficient, insufficient and optimal.


Wow, your levels are very low. I keep mine between 40 and 50 (closer to 50 if I can).

You’ll probably need to be on a fairly high dose of Vitamin D for several weeks but to me it looks like you’re going to always have to take some as a daily supplement.

There’s a calculator that will help you figure out how much to take to raise your blood levels a given amount:

I guessed your weight to be 200 pounds and put in a target level of 40 ng/ml. It says you’ll need to supplement with 5,000 IU per day to reach that level (but it doesn’t seem to say how long that will take; I admit I didn’t look around on their website to see whether that information is somewhere else).


Here is another calculator. I hadn’t seen this one before:

And one more:


Yes! I stopped the Ami a week in, I probably shouldve waited a bit longer but it made feel so much worse and I couldnt afford to miss any more classes. I do feel significantly better with just my antihistamines. Its so weird how every body responds differently to certain agents.


I fully agree. It’s why I felt out the whole Vitamin D pill question. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better on just antihistamines, hopefully that’s the trend and you just get “better” from there.

Some of the calculators show vastly different figures of what to take and when. Should I just go with the first link you sent? I’m onto 2,000 IUs today to see how I react. I want to get to 10k so I can use my 10k pills. I feel like the prescribed D2 50k may be too much for my system and send it into a sort of overdrive. Is this a weird thought?


Vitamin D is fat-soluble, which means it’s stored in the body (as opposed to being excreted every day in your urine, like Vitamin C and the other water-soluble vitamins). So it doesn’t have to be taken every day. That may explain why some of the calculators provide different results. (But I admit I didn’t look at those calculators all that closely so I may be totally wrong.)

What you’re doing with the Vitamin D3, titrating up slowly, is probably fine. I think the reason your doctor wants you to take the prescription D2 is because a prescription drug is a known quantity. What I mean by that is that prescription-grade drugs have to pass FDA tests that prove their potency. So when he prescribes the prescription version, he knows that you’re getting that amount.

Over-the-counter vitamins are not controlled by the FDA and don’t have to pass any sort of tests, so they can be more variable. I think Consumer Reports has done tests on over-the-counter supplements in the past and found that they varied widely in how much they really contained (of whatever vitamin they were supposed to contain).

The other reason your doctor may want you to take the prescription version is because of compliance - most patients would probably be more likely to take one pill per week than to take a bunch of pills every day. (I’m the opposite; it’s easier for me to remember to do something every day. It becomes more automatic for me.)

But of course you’re not like that, and you’ll be reliable and take them each day. So I think what you’re doing is going to be fine, as long as you stick with a decent brand. I buy the Nature Made Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) because it’s labeled with the USP logo, which means the manufacturer has gone through voluntary testing of its product. I’ve been taking that brand for over 10 years and my blood tests have correlated with the amount I’ve been taking, which must mean that the pills contain the correct (or at least a consistent) amount of Vitamin D3.


So informative you are!! Thank you. This was a super helpful read and makes a lot of sense. I agree about the routine/structure of taking every day. I’m that way, especially when I know it will help me to heal/get better. I use the Solgar brand-- I’ll have to look into the brand further, but I’ve always stuck with them before and had good results.
I still don’t like the idea of synthetic for D2 though as opposed to natural D3.

To add, I feel a bit more chipper today after taking the vitamin D, but as the day went on I started to drag back down again. Feel like my energy has been sapped.