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New member posting for help, relief and answers


If I can have oatmeal-- the regular oatmeal.
Can I also have gluten free oats with no issue?

What’s the difference between regular oats and gluten free oats?


I think gluten free oats are just the ones that are made in a gluten free facility. Both are basically gluten free, but only one could be eaten by celiacs. Just a guess though, I mean oats should be gluten free.

Hope you get better soon. I just got over a cold as well. The salt rinse helped and nette pot.


I do gluten free, just playing safe.


Thanks for the responses! I’ll have to try them out then :slight_smile:


Haven’t tried out the gluten free oats yet.
I have a question about baking.
Is anyone able to use yeast? I’m interested in making crescent rolls currently and maybe other breads/whatever other recipes call for any type of yeast. I want to know if anyone is able to use yeast or if you have/do and wait a couple days before enjoying it.


You certainly love your cooking. Just like me. I use yeast all the time. I use dried yeast of either type. I’ve baked all our own bread by hand for the last twenty years almost, and rolls, and make Danish Pastries, various fruit buns and lots of regional yeast risen cakes you’ll never have even heard of like Dorset Dough Cake. I bake bread, two loaves, at a time, more the once a week. Once cold, I freeze it. Rarely these days do I cut it on the day it’s baked but it’s in the freezer within an hour of cooling so you could say I am eating fresh bread everyday. I seem to have survived so far. Having read, maybe last year, MAV’ers shouldn’t eat ‘fresh’ bread, very occasionally I have a fresh, baked in store,roll from the supermarket and I wondered about reaction. Possibly, maybe? Then if I did waa it the ‘freshness’, or the fact their yeast dough contains much more salt than my home-made. Um. Helen


Thank you so much for your response!! I do indeed love to bake and cook, since that’s what I’m practically doing now with my days.
I’m trying to look for a soy sauce alternative too and Buffalo sauce. I miss Buffalo chicken dip with a passion and Buffalo sauce.

Back to you-- that’s awesome! Do you ever wait a couple days til you eat it to not be symptomatic or how does that work? Sounds like quite the adventure in your household. I bet it smells delicious! I do dabble at the Spruce website sometimes and see some good English foods. (Egg custard as one example). I’d be interested in learning more about English tradition foods. Never have heard of the Dorset dough cake you mentioned. I salivated at the food ideas you mentioned though haha.

I noticed I go to this fast food / restaurant (like a Subway restaurant but paninis) and they bake the bread on the spot that day (I’m unsure if they have the dough carted in and THEN baked onsite) Does that mean the yeast is fresh if I’m eating it just after it’s baked? Sorry if I sound foolish or ignorant.
Having yeast as another arsenal in my kitchen would honestly open up another realm of foods I’ve been wanting to do. Totally craving a chicken salad with celery in crescent roll rings… or Buffalo chicken dip in crescent roll rings… or English muffins which require yeast as I noticed last night. (I found an English mcmuffin recipe but I want to make the English muffins). Ugh and pizza finally!!

Once again, thank you so much for your thorough input! I appreciate it!


No I never found it necessary to store the bread until it was no longer considered freshly baked. I don’t eat it on the day it was baked purely because it can be difficult to slice. If I bake rolls I do eat them same day,

Personally I’d like an explanation for why it’s supposedly better to avoid eating freshly baked bread. Why is yesterday’s bread supposed to be OK I’d like to know from the medics that write the Migraine Diet sheets, they tell you to eat fresh everything, but not bread. Fine, but first I’d want to know the theory behind it, and besides after exactly what timescale does bread become ‘safe’ to eat, It reminds me if the old superstition that the ends of cucumber are poisonous. How can that be. My question there would be where does the ‘end’ end?

I’m UK based but we too have yeasted goods - what the bakers used to call ‘morning goods’ freshly baked in store. As far as I’m aware the dough is brought in raw - most probably an ‘overnight’ dough slow risen (less yeast to retard the rise) - then baked in store. You aren’t foolish. You are correct. That was the system used by Safeway Supermarkets for years when my brother worked there years ago. Doubt it’s changed.

Enjoy your cooking. It’s a distraction from MAV. Good for you, and you can eat the results. Yesst cookery is fun but yeast is a bit of a prima donna. You have to watch her. I cannot quite understand though. If you eat bread, why the gluten-free oats? I’ll PM you a little more about English cooking. Helen


Thanks, Helen!

Yeah, I was also wondering about the why day old as well. As noted I mentioned my breadcrumbs (panko) have yeast in it and the restaurant I venture to for paninis has yeast in their dough which is baked that day. I still have to ask if they’re made on site for the dough portion and baked at the restaurant or if it’s dough is made off site, shipped in, then baked on site; which still makes it a fresh bread using yeast and making them active from the baking which I ate that same day within hours of being made.

Thanks for explaining all the delicious goods. I’m going to do the egg custard as mentioned to you. Thanks for the tips!

As explained via PM why the gluten free oats and how I can technically have yeast :slight_smile:

As a note, I used Tiger Balm (successfully) on my neck yesterday since it’s been really sore from cleaning my oven a week ago. I’m sure the degenerating disc in my neck didn’t help matters and it may have acted up, cause now my neck still hurts (not as much, slowly reducing each day) and my lower back which made me concerned for my kidney but then noticed it’s muscle pain too. I’m in need of a good massage!


Has anyone baked with peppermint extract? Only saw a lot of info on peppermint oil and peppermint tea, but I’m craving baking with peppermint! I have yet to purchase the peppermint extract; I wanted to get to put out some feelers first on how people are with it if they had it in baked goods.


From a MAV standpoint I seemed to do fine with peppermint candies and cookies over the holidays. I try to avoid mint though in general for my silent reflux.


I read peppermint is “OK” from a source that it’s on HYH safe diet, but I seem to question everything cause everyone’s different for the most part. @ander454 Thanks for verifying! I do recall some acid reflux with past peppermint experiences before MAV as well, but I just miss the flavor :slight_smile: .

My next question is, has anyone tried Frank’s Redhot sauce? I was told by a source it’s on the HYH safe diet, but I couldn’t find any posts on here people confirming good results or saying they had an issue with it.