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I don’t think hydrocortisone cream is what you need. What you’re describing sounds a little like eczema but may just be a result of your allergies, as you said. I suggest you try this stuff first for a few weeks and if it doesn’t get better you may want to see your doctor.

“This stuff” is Aquaphor Healing Ointment. You can get it at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.
A 2-pack of the small-sized tubes is only about $5.00. Here’s the company’s website which shows all of their products:

And here’s an Amazon link:


Funny enough, I get dizzy when I exercise! I was able to play volleyball roughly 2 months ago and was dizzy during it but managed to continue for a good hour and a half.
Too much head movement makes my ear pressure increase then I get super dizzy then it’ll reduce slowly over the course of 5 minutes whilst still being dizzy. It sucks. It also depends on how much I agitate it (more movement time = more time being dizzy thereafter).


Thanks! Think this will help the irritation/redness of my nose/under it (I just noticed it cracked on the crease under my nose this afternoon, so I had to apply more vaseline) ? My allergies have been kicking my butt for sure, cause the pounches of my eyes have been hurting underneath for sure.
That reminds me, I need to call for state insurance. sigh
Hope you’ve been doing well!


Understood. So try brisk walking where head is not jiggled about or simply sit in a sauna? (But keep hydrated!!)

I used to suffer from dry flaky skin a lot and worked out sweating was the perfect antedote.


Hmm, with that said I’m going to start walking the dog again. That should help with the movement. Thanks! Sweating is great for the body via exercise, so I agree there 100%.
My armpit just developed a rash tonight too-- my allergies are going nuts. Anddd my ear pressure is pretty high in my left ear randomly tonight. It’s been halfway, to almost fully up for a good 3ish hours now. Trying to drink water and get some rest.
If it’s not one thing, then it’s another.

Back to trying turmeric tea again and bringing the dog for walks at least, before it starts to snow in lovely New England.

Aren’t saunas bad for you?


Not that I’m aware of. However stay in too long can dehydrate you.

Some doctors actually prescribe sauna for Menieres patients to lower their salt levels (but exercise would surely do the same?)

Ear sounds uncomfortable. Hope that goes away imminently.


That sounds reasonable of reducing the salt through sweat.

Yeah, it’s not fun. It hasn’t done this in some months now since I was slowly recompensating again from the March 2018 antibiotic situation. When little things that cause “hiccups” occur again they suck.


Wanted to make a note to my diary:
Regarding last night’s (11/09/2018) left ear going up roughly halfway to practically full, it took 3 and a half hours to subside. I drank 50 oz of water to help with it reducing in the last hour which helped. (I noticed drinking water helps reduce it, but it has to be a good amount of water so I drank one of my water bottles and hoped for the best).

11/10/2018: I started doing my turmeric/ginger tea half of 1/4 for each today to start. Trying to build up my system again since my histamines are kicking up (my allergies are sucking… Hurting, getting itchy and breaking out.)
I believe my nose scaling roughly in September was the start… it’s slowly healing from adding vaseline daily for the past week / week and half. Just broke out last night in my right armpit with a rash, so I added vaseline to that too today. Left armpit started to try and break out today so I applied vaseline as well to that.


Nose is still scaling (heals then breaks out again-- I tried doing honey on my nose; next is trying aloe). Have an appt with dermatologist in mid Jan 2019.

Next food ingredients to try are maple syrup (tried before I believe but it’s been awhile and need to reconfirm), nutmeg (I believe I tried it before and was ok but need to reconfirm).

I want to make homemade hot dogs and also homemade sausages… Does anyone know much about ascorbic acid and if we can use that? And anyone familiar with beef casings?


‘Ascorbic acid’ is Vitamin C as far as I’m aware. There’s alot of it in strawberries and as a child too many strawberries brought me out in huge blister type spots all over and I remember GP telling my mother I must be allergic to it and not to let me eat citrus fruits and blackcurrants. My Granny who kept her own pigs used to make skinless sausages. If that helps. Helen


Yeah, I read ascorbic acid is an isolated nutrient in vitamin C, but isn’t the whole vitamin C. I can load up on bell peppers perfectly fine when I’m not feeling well which has vitamin C, but I was wanting to know if others ever simply use that ingredient (ascorbic acid) to cook with and have no issue with it.
I’ve noticed I can have strawberries with no issue; even now, luckily. Sorry that you can’t :frowning:
Hmmmm… I did read a Martha Stewart sausage recipe which was skinless and fresh, but I was hoping to at least attempt hot dogs with a casing for that crunch.

I’ve been doing more digging… scratching the ascorbic acid thought. It’s in a form of it for my Honey Nut Cheerios but I won’t bother using it to cook with.
I found a recipe for homemade pepperoni but want to know if we can have smoked sea salt :grimacing: because that’d be brilliant.

So, natural casings for hot dogs and smoked sea salt for pepperoni are my curiosities.


Hi Space_Cadet, did you ever try the Aquaphor cream? It might be worth a try.


I’ve been taking a massive dose (EmergenC 1000mg) of this stuff for my colds per day and actually feel pretty good, so its not a trigger for me. Even in the early days of MAV it didn’t seem to bother me.


Haven’t ventured to the store to buy that yet. I’ve been procrastinating on using it.

Nice! Glad that works for you! I used to take that before I got this VM rubbish in very end of May 2017.
I was looking more at curing salts, but I may have to just forego it and smoke the food naturally.
I also have an issue with lemon/citrus, so that’s why I was concerned with the thought of citrus / ascorbic acid.


Confirmed tonight I’m okay with pure maple syrup. (I thought I was ok but it had been way too long and I didn’t write it down) .
Such an amazing taste of pure maple syrup.


Oh, I almost forgot to add to this. I went to the mall a couple weeks ago and used the escalator; going down it was worse than going up it. It gave the elevator feeling after a good 2 seconds for roughly a minute or 2 of uneasiness as if I kept going down even after I was already off it. Going up it made me feel like I skipped a step on the way up even though I wasn’t even walking up it.
Strange how the smallest, most minute things I’ve never even thought would take effect have. Ugh. Mall didn’t really bother me cause I had my lovely glasses on.


A physio once sat me on a gym ball and made me take my feet off the ground. I was already dizzy 24/7 and didn’t imagine it could get worse. As @flutters so graphically put it somewhere else the ‘please kill me pretty quickly’ ramped up dizziness lasted about three weeks. Nobody, but Us On Here would ever believe it! Sitting in a car being refuelled done similar to me. The slightest vibration. Our balance needs terra firma at all times. Helen


That is pretty wild!! 3 weeks; that’s a lot to endure of just that feeling alone without it settling.
I’ve had it before in the car too from the idling vibration when I’m really sensitive and then also feeling like the front end of the car is lifting when idle; yeah, not fun.


Sooo… I was at the grocery today eyeing the Eggnog Friendlys Ice Cream and it only has 3 extra ingredients that differ from the Vanilla Bean Friendlys Ice Cream I always get. Those 3 ingredients that are in addition to the Eggnog are natural and artificial flavors + nutmeg. Ugh. The risk of wanting that eggnog flavor and in ice cream. I didn’t buy it.


This is really awful
I am so sorry for you to deal with such disrespectful people like this
I too lost my job this month over my dizziness
I am still looking for a proper diagnosis and i am scared of the finaicial issues

How are you feeling space _ Cadet
I hope the symptoms are improved
I try today to go to the mall
I am much better with concentration
I hadle it much better than last time
But felt nause on the way out


Such is life.
Yeah, losing your job is not fun nor is trying to find support when dealing with something of this magnitude. I hope you have a significant other who will help you along the way.
Your condition sounds like vestibular migraine and it’s a long road, whatever it may be, you’re welcome here to chat and find support.

It’s great you went to the mall and tried to get yourself out there. Seems your brain can handle it only so much, but better than last time; so that’s progress.

I have a cold right now. Rarely coughing, if at all, just tired, mucusy, and throat feels slightly sore at times and sneezing. Just started to notice a change in color to my mucus too after I did my salt rinse today, so at least my body is trying to fight it.
I’m doing salt rinse 2-3x a day (starting today), have been doing nasal cleanse every day 1x a day, and drinking my turmeric / ginger tea every day with addition to honey to it as of today… and 2-3x of my 50 oz water bottles.