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I tried to contain everything by diet and supplements alone for 3+ months but didn’t get very far. It was still important though because I think once I got on medication the diet and supplements would work better. Same with meditation, awful to do with a 24/7 migraine, but once the smoke clears a bit you have a more solid foundation to help you rebuild your health/life.


I absolutely love Steven Rauch! Unfortunatly I have been too dizzy to drive the 2 plus hours to see him, but he is so wonderful.


Lost my job today. No more florescent triggers – yay. :pensive::tada:


Um, congratulations?

And, we missed you.

Disability claim?


Hah the party popper was facetious.
No more florescents is a plus, but I need the coin. I need a week or 2 to myself before I claim unemployment.
And thanks! I missed all of you as well. I’ve been glancing at the forums here and there. I’ve just been so run down. I walked into work today and felt like I was just there yesterday. That’s how burnt out I was becoming.


The benefit of working for myself is I won’t get fired for too many sick days. But then, I don’t get paid either. My office has natural light and an incandescent lamp. Plus a fish tank. It’s a great set up that only took me 20 years to achieve. Now if MAV would let me keep it…


Haha that is a wonderful thing.
I had a feeling too cause I joked to my co worker today that our quarterly reviews were occurring and it was roughly 330 and they got rescheduled and an email direct to me saying we’ll reschedule. I said to my co worker, watch, by tomorrow I’ll be let go. Never got to even do the review-- boss’ passive aggressive way of ending my contract. I left around 430… and got 3x phone call from my recruiter around 515. I finally listened to them when I got home from errands around 650. My jaw dropped and my mind was like “…what?”
I was starting to lose my tenacity for the job cause I kept being made to feel as just the contractor and the culture within the place too is people don’t always respond even tho you need to supply answers to the customer. A lot of people get in their own way.

My recruiter said that my boss didn’t even want to give a reason for letting me go yet wrote him a detailed email. My recruiter said some of the remarks in the email he made were petty and he claimed to have spoken to me several times about matters, yet he never did, because he wasn’t very vocal. A lot of my other co workers whenever he was around were very tight lipped. Now I see why moreso.


Oh gosh sorry to hear.


Do you think your performance suffered with MAV?

Keep positive. You will find something!


sorry to hear. Don’t worry you will figure out something left field as @flutters puts it for your next gig.



Certainly do feel MAV played a role. I noticed as being a contractor with no real days off to desync and continuing to push through every day even though feeling crappy it continued more brain fog each day getting progressively worse. My mood was also changing and wearing me down and making me extremely irritable. My significant other said I was creating fights for things I wouldn’t even normally get mad about. I realize moving forward I need vacation time (a good weeks time) to desync. I felt every day was just another day (including weekends I still felt in work mode and dreaming about work) and my tenacity / passion for the job that I once had in the beginning deminished. It also wore on me too when everyone kept just calling me the contractor so I felt no room for progression and as if I didn’t belong. My boss also didn’t want to try to get me a laptop to attend certain meetings so I’d have to hand write them-- that was frowned upon that I didn’t attend them and instead called in so I could work from my desktop. The conference rooms had the hissing vents which would mess with my head + florescents already were a trigger too even though I was wearing the Theraspecs it didn’t fully help when I was really worn down.

In my previous job before MAV it was even more hectic and crazy hours-- it wore at me but I could also get in early and leave much later with no migraine pain or problems. I could also handle the stress better too without it altering my ego/mood / creating brain fog. I was just tired from the previous job but I could handle it.
This last job I just got let go from was killing who I was as a person. It didn’t help that the boss wasn’t assertive so you had no idea of expectations or what wasn’t happening that you should change. I’ll miss the money, but I won’t miss the gossip, rude comments made to me by my co worker who trained me (he kept saying he wanted to see me have an episode ((my episode when I have true vertigo, heart racing, scared out of my mind)) and saying my condition is “stupid and making it up”) and the having to look over my shoulder as to what am I being critiqued for now as a contractor.

Thanks, Vigs. I appreciate that!


That’s awful!! It’s none of his business. It’s only the business of your manager, HR and Occupational Health (OH) and only the latter are qualified to make a judgement on your health condition. But I guess as contractor they would not have provided OH cover?


Even tho I was onsite as a contractor, I don’t believe their company’s HR had any reflection on me. My brother said if I went to try to go full time for that company maybe it might be written down for being let go as a contractor, but I’m not sure it would be, since I was never a true employer to their company— but you never know.

And yeah, unlike Europe our OH and benefits aren’t as great. Plus as a contractor my brother says contractors are pretty much like a kite string unless you have a clause in your contract-- which I didn’t.


Yeah, I’m sure that’s the same in UK too … perhaps you can go ‘freelance’ now and work from home?


I’d love to work from home! But I’m unsure which job would accept that.


Oh, no, @Space_Cadet, I’ve been away from the forum for a couple of weeks and just read about you losing your job. I’m so sorry to hear that but it sounds like it was really stressful so maybe it will turn out to be a good thing.


We missed you, Anna.

:heart: Em


I had a question for the forum. Looking for everyone’s opinions. Anyone use hydrocortisone cream at all and fared well?
I’m okay with bacitracin and petroleum jelly.
My nose is scaling/red, itches sometimes and petroleum jelly only has been helping so much.


Ah, thanks. Yeah, it wasn’t fun. Paid very well, but my brain fog was intensifying and I was forgetting things like basic steps (brain fog). Also felt like I was being watched over like a hawk and critiqued cause I was a contractor. My brain fog is reducing slowly. It’s been a month now since losing the job and feeling the brain fog slowly reduce


I remember i had some rash/hive on my thighs and butt and was given hydrocortisone cream. didn’t do jack. Then went to next doctor and they gave me bacitracin, didn’t do jack. One night of taking zyrtec cured most of the itchiness and redness. One doc thought it was some kind of shingles so so they had me check for std and hiv and I was like wtf.


Yeah, this has been ongoing for a couple weeks (and I’ve just now focused on fixing it in the last 2 weeks)- actually since the summer when my allergies kicked up. My nose kept scaling up and healing and I kept scratching it/peeling it. Made it worse. Petroleum jelly has been helping a bit tho.

I stay away from anything I have to take via mouth. Claritin made my life hell for a night. It made me scared in my own skin/body like I was going to freak out and jump out of my own skin. It was scary. Trying to look into cream and get opinions from the forum :slight_smile:

Ps the hiv / std check is comical.


Sweat. That fixes it. Sauna or brisk exercise. There is nothing better for dry skin than sweating imho.