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Just had my visit. Long visit. A lot of explaining. Apparently my urethra is infected (very little blood in the specimen I had to do which I couldn’t see at all) but is getting slowly better. I was making it worse with cranberry juice (imagine that!) because it was increasing the PH too much. It mitigated a bladder infection but it was treating the wrong area. Have to do a plain diet (I’m already used to that :wink: )… I had to go pee, she checked how much fluid I had in me, then checked after and said that’s a good amount released and not clogged. I noticed when stopping the cranberry juice last night that my peeing this morning was much less constricted and didn’t sting. Just imagine acid on an already open wound.
I also think the cranberry juice was jacking up my stomach creating diarrhea which is probably why my stomach still feels like crap and grumbly. Vast difference from yesterday to today. I’m hoping this only gets better. She also said turmeric can help and to have it a couple times a day (my homemade tea) cause it’s anti-inflammatory and I mentioned ginger too and she said that’s anti-inflammatory and de-worming.
She said my system seems to be always on the offensive in overdrive, which isn’t great. (Cause I said my body is quick to react to everything and I can’t have many things).
As a note, she said if it’s not getting better by Monday then to pick up the antibiotic Bactrim (she said it’s heavy on the system). crosses fingers it gets better naturally

I didn’t get to ask about the cantharis or as to why the baking soda was helping me feel better. I wonder if the baking soda was neutralizing the cranberry juice.


Baking soda is extremely alkaline and neutralise stomach/entire system. I’m no chemist but my Granny who wa a cook always took it medicinally. Probably dates from the days before the NHS as it was cheaper than paying for meds I guess. Being alkaline it can be mixed into a paste and pasted on for bee stings too (hv to remove the actual sting first) if you are short of toothpaste that is. Apart from its culinary application, it’s very useful stuff baking soda.
PS; after thought for those on special diets of any kind: baking soda has high sodium content.


Quite amazing! I knew it for infections on fingers and bee stings, but never internally! Learn something new every day.


As a note, I might call and ask for a different antibiotic if need be. Bactrim seems to be ototoxic.
I really hope I don’t have to use one at all tho.


Also if you are allergic to sulfa stay away from Bactrim.


I might be… so yeah, that’d be a huge issue.
Thanks for the heads up.

Also, I started to feel better with urinating today and noticed some progression— then I ate an apple and oh man, that huuurts. So much acid. This plain diet is gonna suck for a bit but I want to heal naturally :slight_smile: crosses fingers


Still somewhat hurting today from yesterday evening with the apple irritating.

I was wondering, if I did have to do antibiotics, could I ask for something in liquid form so I could try just a little and see if I get a reaction?


If you live near a CVS or Walgreens, you could talk to the pharmacist and find out some of the options. The particular antibiotic is prescribed based on the type of bacteria that is found in the urine but if you tell the pharmacist your story, and that you were prescribed Bactrim, he should be able to tell you what forms are available and what other equivalent antibiotics (to fight that particular bacteria) maybe available in liquid form.

And as someone said earlier, if you’re allergic to the Sulfa class of drugs, don’t take Bactrim as it falls into that category.


Thank you for that insight.

And they never told me the bacteria they found in the sample. They just said there was a very small amount of blood in the urine sample.
I have to call on Monday to find out.

I’m not even sure if I’m allergic to the sulfas but the risk doesn’t sound worth it. I know for sure I’m allergic to Cefzil which is why my PCP kept me away from the cillins and cousin family because of it.
How do you find out if you’re allergic to something without taking it?


You don’t. It’s not likely that you’re going to be allergic so I wouldn’t worry about that.

And I don’t think you need to know the specific bacteria - if you tell the pharmacist your story, he’ll know what types of bacteria are killed by the sulfa class of drugs.


Alright, so I spoke to the medical assistant yesterday (glad I called)-- apparently there was no bacteria (!!! Why antibiotic then?) in my urine and the APRN was hinting at me having prostatitis (inflammation, not bacterial). I still want to go back in for more testing to see what’s really going on. I’m still getting stomach rumbles and hurts to urine waxes and wanes.

I just want to be cured of this and my compensation intact.


Spoke to a doctor within the same facility a week ago and he’s sure it’s inflammation of the prostate via viral. Takes 4-8 weeks to go away. I’m on 5th week now I believe.
Also, my sister is allergic to sulfa drugs, so my best interest was not to take that antibiotic in the future! I lucked out with the not hard way.

However, I was brushing my teeth and used mouth wash… I spit out what I thought was all of it, but then swallowed and some went down the hatch… 2 hours ago I was a bit of a mess. In bed now where I can luckily be in bed without anxious feeling, throat getting a bit a tight/numb and things not moving all about like Alice in Wonderland.


Hang in there love. Try not to overthink it.


Wanted to check in and say I made it through that one. That one sucked and was scary. Took an hour and a half of driving before it settled to residual crap. Got home about 2ish AM. Fell asleep with the room still feeling slightly uneasy. Woke up at 7 am with my back wall moving and said I don’t know if I can seize the day. Went back to sleep til 810ish, then got up and was a bit dizzy walking around with my left ear slightly full but got ready for work and it stated to settle after 25 mins or so but still uneasy and my ear still slightly full. Around noonish I felt a bit better but an uneasy feeling in my stomach like knots earlier and my anxiety kept popping up and down at random from this crap in the morning. I just sat still at my desk and waited for it to pass. Around 2ish I was feeling a bit better-- and so on. Storms came in around 430 so I felt off but that was the normal weather crap which doesn’t give me an anxiety feeling-- just the lightness, motion sensitive feeling. As James would say, it’s just annoying and you’re used to it so let it pass and it will.
Ear pressure is a bit sensitive right now but I’m better than I was last night.

One of my co workers when I told him about it said for me to get a shrink and that it’s all in my head. I said you seem like my older brother who knows nothing about this. I said my brother said for me to see a hypnotherapist. He goes, that’s a good idea. I said, this is physiological, not psychological. I said I’d gladly change with you so I can gulp beers down again and cram pizza in my mouth.


Lot of people will say they do not even wish this illness on there worse of enemies but people like this, i wish they had it for like a week and see there reactions lol.


Give it a month to really settle in.


I’m new to this site so I was wondering if you could clarify what MAV is? I came across this site looking for info about Prozac and Topamax. Whether it was really safe to take them together.


MAV Stands for Migraine Associated Vertigo aka Vestibular Migraine - more or less, not quite the same but treatment usually is. Regarding your question about safety of taking Prozac and Topamax. Might be best to ask a pharmacist. Haven’t noticed @Luclyd1 posting recently so I wouldn’t rely on a swift reply.


Welcome to the board. The welcome page, explanation of the scope of the site and definition of MAV is here:

There may be people on this board with experience of taking those together.



I’ve been pondering since having that issue with the tiny tiniest bit of mouth wash incident… Whyyy does food of any amount cause such bizarre / uncomfortable unexplainable symptoms?!