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Yeah, I’m waiting to get back to baseline – waiting for it to burn out this nonsense-- patiently :confused: this might have happened in the beginning too and I just don’t recall now.

No problem. It’s my diary haha, but I’ll at least remember ya and hope others find these posts informative too.


Yea i know. I’m only 6 months in with this beast and I can’t seem to remember the symptoms from the past.
Some other post I saw that James posted ami was used to treat SEH as well. How come my doc didn’t know this? When he asked me on my first visit I told him i was on this and he just dismissed it saying “oh it’s just a antidepressant”. Obviously, he knew what the med was. This guy is at least 85+ years old. I’m losing faith in this guy.


Yes that’s correct and it’s one of the key things that ‘got me thinking’ …


Weather is partly cloudy, kind of gloomy. Woke up 45 mins ago and my ear was already somewhat full… My body was also trying to lay down on my couch. I did notice I could hear my heart beat in right ear for a couple seconds after I stretched, it did it 2x… and I had a lot of visual snow during the daylight too. It went away after 5-10 mins or so.
I’ve been waking up with the visual snow and feeling off in the mornings-- before I always woke up fine in the mornings and by night time things would suck. Baseline again, please?
I want my ear to stop filling up and releasing over and over. Just want it to normalize again.
/end rant


Poor you. Have you considered trying some meds now? Or are you going to wait a little longer?


Not yet. I don’t want to feel the side effects like people have noted on meds. My luck I’d get them and be stuck with them. I think this is just playing the course of healing, but it’s just strange.
Trying to drink a lot of water and eat better and continuing to sleep upright… hopefully the weather clears too so a smoother recovery.


You aren’t stuck on or off meds. You can choose. Sometimes neither with or without is a great choice, but can choose which is better for you.


Yeah, I understand that. I guess I’m just leery of side effects and having to endure that initial dizzy for a bit phase.


Sunday 3/25/2018 was very strange.
At night it got very scary. A weather front came in and the barometer pressure spiked .6 in a matter of hours. It made my left ear become full to the point of almost overfull (it’s weird how I can sense it like a fuel gauge as to where it’s currently at). It made me dizzy, ground started rocking back and forth and it made my heart start racing. I felt as if I was going to get full vertigo, so I went for a 2 hour drive. With the drive I didn’t notice symptoms unless I was at a stop light. Where it felt like the car was moving a bit forward.
Got home, felt better but after an hour in bed it started to increase again… I started to get a little off again but then after 5 mins or so it went back down.
Woke up at 3 am dizzy… Then back asleep til 630 am with half inner ear fullness which went away after 30 mins or so (no, I’m working yet haha) and I’ve been awake since. Was thinking a nap today would be nice.

Other than that, the imbalance and all that weird stuff has reduced a lot since 3 weeks ago now. Still not baseline tho. Weirdly, when I was using the bathroom last night standing up, I was in the dark and I felt like I was shrinking and if I teetered forward I felt like I was growing in height. Very very strange! THAT to me was Alice in Wonderland.

As a note the past couple days I’ve felt pretty imbalanced and off, so I believe that Sunday issue created a lapse. Yesterday was really bad during the day and it didn’t even rain. I was on my couch for most of the day and that sets it off if I’m not moving much, but it was especially off. Eyes were having trouble focusing sometimes too.

However, today, not to be pre-emptive, but I’m feeling a bit better, so I counted and Sunday-Wed is roughly a 3-4 day reset. I’m not to close baseline by any means, but it’s better than yesterday and the days before from Sunday. I was doing well before Sunday too since 3/22/2018… It took roughly 2 weeks and about a day or 2 to recover from that antibiotic ear issue… So I was thinking roughly a week for this one from the Sunday lapse. I think it occurred because my ear wasn’t fully healed yet from the antibiotic lapse and my ear was vulnerable to the weather… and sinuses… caught it just right! My sinuses the past couple days made me nervous about a sinus infection so I’ve been chugging water… Had 200 oz of water on Tuesday. My feet were getting cold and couldn’t get them warm until a matter of time and 2 blankets + my slippers. Socks weren’t helping weird enough. I’m feeling a bit better today tho, not all nasally, however the past couple days since Sunday my left ear has once again been fluctuating up and down in pressure, not as bad as the antibiotic lapse, but enough to go up but barely feel the leaking sensation when it reduces. I’m thinking possibly another 4-5 days for it to regulate again. The fluxing up and down I’m sure did not help my dizziness issue at all. Where’s the summer weather where it’s a bit more consistent with clear days? :slight_smile:

As a note, since Sunday, sleeping on my right side now makes my right ear feel clogged when I wake up – irritating. It goes down after 20-30 mins or so. I’m hoping when my left ear regulates again, this will subside once again.

On a high note!!! I’m down to 214 lbs. I use the WeightGurus weight scale and the app tracks your progress with a wonderful chart. I was 250 lbs in July and now 214… Goal is roughly 190ish. Possibly more to the likes of 175-180 which I haven’t been since my military days back in 2009.

Also, my tinnitus has come to a very low minimum. I feel like sometimes I can’t even hear it.


This. The forward momentum sensation makes me press on the brakes extra hard at the stop light.


Hmm, that’s a lot of water. I understand wanting to stay hydrated but you can even overdo water.

I wonder if some of your issues are just because of all the storms you’ve had there the past couple of months. Haven’t you now had four fairly major storm systems move through?


Yeaaaaah, not a fun feeling.

Oh, I’m aware you can overload on water. I needed it since I was feeling partially sick. I was hardly using the bathroom even from drinking a lot of water. My body needed it.
It was nice tho, cause I felt a bit better in the morning.
The storms have been wrecking me slightly, but if it was before the lapse of the antibiotic then I was pretty decent. I was actually doing fairly well, until the antibiotic and then now this mini lapse from a storm/pressure. Starting work soon so I just hope I’m more so recovered. Baseline was pretty good. Hope, time and patience. I love knowing that a lapse will be reduced recovery time each time or knowing this will only suck for a slight bit longer because it will get better and progress to “recovery”. That’s my hope I hold onto.


For the past couple days again I’ve been sleeping upright since when I laid down I’d wake up with inner ear fullness. However, this morning I slept upright, woke up and neither ear was full, then fell back asleep and my body slumped down and slept on my right ear and my right ear has been ringing since I woke up. It sounds like a steamboat room in my right ear. It sounds high but not too high. It also did some leaking feeling too about 20 mins after waking up. My right ear when I lay on it now has been giving me issues since the lapse a week and a half ago where my right ear became a bit high in pressure quickly while my left ear was very full.
Hoping the tinnitus / issues in my right ear fades away. My left ear is supposed to be the bad ear.
Note to self: I need to barricade myself with pillows so I don’t slump down and to the right.


Refresh my memory - have you had all of the vestibular tests, and did they find anything wrong with your ears? It seems odd that this would only be caused by migraine.


I was thinking that, too. If there was ever a good example of James’ (@turnitaround) ‘this is primarily an inner ear disorder’ theory, @Space_Cadet has to be it. Space, have you seen an audiologist? A neurotologist?


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@Manatee and @flutters
You’re both funny lol. In my long diary I’ve mentioned seeing 6 different doctors for this, but I’ll summarize since I can’t believe how many posts this has become.

Had “pot brownie from repository” May 29th 2017, gave me vertigo for 6 hours, puked 2 times. Woke up still dizzy.
First was my GP (June 1st 2017), said it was double ear infection, gave me antibiotics, 11 days later or so, went back saying my ear still hurt, he wanted to give 10 more days of antibiotics.
2nd was ENT (June 23rd 2017) because I thought the diagnosis of ear infection and more antibiotics seemed odd. ENT agreed and said your’s are clear.
3rd was the neuro-oto-tologist late June 30th to late July 2017)… He said VM after I did his hearing test, tilt test and some goggles and laser on a wall. I decided to further investigate, not happy with the doctor or the diagnosis and no real help.
Had an MRI (not MRA contrast), brought back to 3rd doctor and he once again said VM. Then he also did a cat scan of my left ear for SSCD and said that looked okay too, once again VM.
I seeked out a different doctor.
4th doctor (late July 2017) Neuro-oto-logist at Yale. Moment he met me and saw all my readings from the previous exams from the 3rd doctor he said VM. Set me up for caloric test (July 31 2017). (I have the paperwork from it just haven’t uploaded it yet). Referred me to his neurologist.
5th doctor (mid August 2017) Neurologist read my charts and said stick with vitamin B2 since magnesium pill gave me vertigo. Have been seeing him since then. He said the marijuana for me was the catalyst. Showed him hearing test in Dec 2017 from 3rd doctor’s office and he confirmed it’s VM. He has been asking me every 3 months I visit if I’d like to try prescription meds, this last go around I was feeling great and noticed a lot of things were in the past and no longer bothering me. (however, a day after visiting him (Mar 6 2018) I had that HUGE issue with the antibiotic which essentially reset my ear calculations and has been messing with me since).
6th doctor (October 2017) Dr Rauch in Boston. Moment I met him and showed him the hearing test, MRI, left ear cat scan he said VM. Said it’s a chronic condition, can get better or could get worse. Confirmed it’s not Meniere’s disease.


Have you tried a med?


No. I fear the side effects and I was actually doing pretty well without a med… until the antibiotic decided to jumble things up again. My neurologist wanted to do either Effexor or Propranolol. I mentioned in my notes last November what he wanted to give them for I just cant recall. One is his choice for dizziness and another is for migraines.

For instance, the most I’d get was slight light headed when rain came through. Other than that, I barely saw anything else. As @BHMaloney and I discussed, he said it sounded like I was swiftly on my way to recovery… which seemed so, until the huge set back from the antibiotic attacking my ear.


I’ve been paying attention to this thread. Darling, you have a saga going. Take a med, maybe Effexor or Amitriptyline. They can be a bridge to get you back to functioning. The side effects are no worse than where you are now and they tend to abate over time. Give it a couple of weeks, see how you do. Then re-evaluate.


As much a med sounds helpful, I was just given word I’ll probably be starting work in about 2 weeks. I’d rather not med test under a stressful job where I’m interfacing with my office workers and clients on the other end. I was hoping they’d push out for another month. I’m getting most of my balance back, but still some glitches towards night time (imbalance, some dizziness ((stuff I felt last August/September), but each and every day it’s calibrating. My tolerance for lights is low as of right now, but every day it gets a bit better. I know the challenges I have ahead and I do have Theraspecs which I tested at IKEA (fluorescent hell) and they worked. When I did my interview I was under fluorescents there for a good hour and a half, 2 hours and I had no issues without even using the Theraspecs.

I just don’t want to risk a med. I’m not at that last hope so to speak since I saw how far I came with just my vitamin B2. I was ready and prime to work a month ago before the antibiotic caused collateral damage.

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