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Good news on finger! Now to recover from relapse!

Remember what I said about Ami. That can fix marshmallow floor


Haha thanks.
Yeah, I’m hoping this fixes before I have to give a prescription med a chance. I was legit 90% days without meds. Just the tension headaches sometimes with the weather.
Trying to drink a lot of water to lubricate my head.


Levofloxacin for a hangnail… I think that’s a little like using a cannonball to kill an ant. Levofloxacin is in the fluoroquinolone family, the same as Cipro. These drugs are the heavy hitters, used for treating anthrax and the plague. One of their many side effects is the possibility of rupture of the Achilles tendon.

My doctor once prescribed Cipro for me for a relatively minor infection (I can’t recall now what it was), and after reading about it I refused to take it and asked her to prescribe something else. One of the articles that I read said that there are a whole bunch of antibiotics out there, but doctors tend to just prescribe a few of them and use those few for treating everything.

I’m not trying to scare you, but everyone on here needs to be aware that this drug family is dangerous. You can read patient reviews at, or Google “Cipro is poison” to find the blog of a young man who took it and suffered adverse effects.

The FDA issued a warning for these drugs that instructs doctors not to use them for routine infections that can be treated other ways:


Just wow. Thats crazy. Poor Space_Cadet!!


Your opener made me LOL. Yeah, my mother even said before I took it that it’s dangerous.
Wish I had read more before taking it like you did. I just wanted to try and be okay with my finger, which it is now, but now my ear is way off and I’m hoping to get to baseline again very soon. I’m hoping the 2 days on the antibiotic didn’t cause more damage to my ear with the overfullness and then complete imbalance and I’m unable to get back to baseline soon.

My doctor (I think I need to contest him when he offers something or find a new one) always tends to give me overkill for antibiotics every time and I’m unsure why. I even said would a z pack work and he goes no, we need something stronger. I also have a sensitivity to penicillin so he stays away from that spore of family.

Thank you for your informative post. You’re always so helpful and knowledgable!

Last night I slept on my couch propped upright. I didn’t get the leaking feeling last night which when I laid down was extreme the past couple nights. When I woke up this morning I started to get the inner ear fullness and currently it’s more than half full of inner fullness, but now it’s slowly leaking, very slowly. (at the end of writing this post, my ear seems to have very slight inner ear fullness now). I walked around a bit and wasn’t imbalanced, with that said, I’m going to continue sleeping on the couch until this gets back to baseline. I’ve also been crouching to pick items up now. I’ve also been drinking a lot more water. I’d rather not take a chance and find any way to find relief/closer/faster to recovering back to baseline.
Thank you for your posts and helpful tips that you’ve taken to get closer to recovery cause I can use those to position myself closer to baseline again instead of continuing to anger the beast.

As a plus, I received word my job said I wouldn’t be starting until early April, so that gives me time to recovery.


That’s good that you don’t have to start the new job for a couple of weeks. I was afraid it was going to be this week. A couple of weeks may be enough for you to get over this.

Another thing I remembered is something that is good for anyone in the U.S. to know (the laws in other countries may be different). The time I was prescribed the Cipro, my doctor’s nurse told me over the phone that they were calling in to my pharmacy. I looked it up and read about it, called the doctor’s office back, and told them that I refused to take it and to please prescribe something from a different drug family. They said they would. When I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, I paid for it and went out to my car. I opened the bag and it was the Cipro (I guess the pharmacy had already filled it and it was still sitting there). So I took it back in, explained that my doctor should have called in a different drug, and asked them to take the Cipro back. They said that they are not allowed to accept a returned drug once the patient has picked it up. So I didn’t get my money back for the Cipro and had to pick up and pay for the alternate drug.

The lesson here is, any time you pick up a prescription, don’t leave the counter until you have opened it and confirmed that it is the correct drug. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with it.


That’s incredible and ridiculous!

I don’t even recall the price but it was fairly cheap with my insurance, but that’s just ludicrous that they couldn’t take it back or at least trash it or something.

I’m noting very closely on my change in symptoms. I’ve already had the inner ear fullness today 3 times. Granted there’s weather coming in too, but, it’s no coincidence due to my lapse.


These past couple days I feel like my ear is caught in an endless loop of full to realese, full to release all day. I lost count of 6x or 8x yesterday. Any explanation?
Any end of this loop in sight?

I’m waiting for it to ease up so my ear / mind can stabilize again.


Gah, sounds horrible. Have you experimented with diet? Try lowering salt temporarily and avoid processed food.

Discuss with your doc I think.


Diet has been the same as before which had me going on the road to recovery.

I’ll give my neuro a call but he’ll prob say “want to do a med now?”


I doubt the med will change the fluid thing … never did for me … except maybe beta blockers or verapamil … they lower pressure which might help

it’s so odd you’ve had this fluid relapse …

you could also get another opinion …

… but i’d still hope for spontaneous recovery … mines simply got less severe over time …

how is your sleeping position? are you inclined to make sure your head is way up above your body? don’t lie flat at night. Flat means extra CSF pressure on inner ear … this leads to more temporary leakage through inner ear windows to release the pressure. Sit up and keep up in bed and it should reduce the CSF pressure, reducing the load on the inner ear windows, which will allow them to heal and everything will start to fall into line again … its all a complex balance of different processes I suspect … you’ve got to somehow get it to kick back into balance.



Just called my neurotologist. He’s out of country until Monday but he reads his emails sometimes the secretary said, so maybe he’ll be able to give an explanation then, if not, then Monday.

And yeah, I’m curious exactly what the antibiotic did to my ear. That day it occurred it was an overflow of ear pressure for several hours, then loss of balance out of nowhere. It was scary. It was as if my body forgot everything.

Since I made the comment about sleeping upright as of then I’ve been sleeping upright on my couch every night, a little crouched with my head laying right on 2 large pillows, but I’m still upright. I avoid laying on my left side at all because of my bad ear.

This morning I woke up without it, then got up and 15 mins later it started to build. It’s been lingering since (2 hours).
And funny enough (11:05 AM) it decreased back to normal again.


Oh yes of course. Keep trying that.


I shall!

I hope it patches it up and it eases the imbalance. This condition is entirely weird.


weird and complex … and if you upset the balance, takes a long time to get back to balance because everything happens so slowly …

Looked at another way … we’re a complete marvel of bio-chemical-electro-algorithmic-mechanical-engineering


Indeed which is why I’m hoping it patches up sooner than later due to starting a job soon.
I’m trying to keep note of how many times it does it in a day, but I also don’t want to drive myself insane.

Quite the earful, eh? :smile:


That is a good one lol. Yesterday i did something stupid at work. I was getting these drop sensation at work and i got fed up and got mad and i hit the back of my head 3 times. It was a spontaneous anger. Yea, dont dont that lol.


Hahaha. Yeah, don’t anger the beast further! Be careful of your head.

I feel 8 years ago or so I would do that out of deep frustration. Not good. I’m still curious as to how we all got here tho and more curious of the actual fix. I was craving cheez-its last night too! I miss those.

As an update my ear did some weird hollow feel an hour ago for 7 mins or so which it did it for a lot longer yesterday. I can hear myself speak more so when it occurs- very disturbing and concerning.


I’ve had that … if a long while ago … it’s disconcerting at the time, but don’t worry, I’m sure it will clear out. This thing is guaranteed to morph, won’t do that forever!


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