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New member posting for help, relief and answers


Yuk, that sucks! Hope you feel better after some time!


I’m praying for you, too.


Update - went to the surgeon and he cut the nail. Confirmed it was a hang nail. Oops :see_no_evil: lidocaine hasn’t given me a reaction that I know of and that was roughly administered 2 hours ago. Waiting for the numbness to reduce. Surgeon said the infection in hand may or may not reduce. Thinking it may since the hang nail is no longer causing pressure, but I have to follow up in 2 weeks.
Here’s to hoping my other finger doesn’t do the same since it ripped down the other day. Life is much more challenging with this condition.

Also, as if this morning my ear is better but I’m still off (felt some leaking this morning), fell asleep by 1ish last night. Thinking today is a lapse day (walking in dark areas feels like tilting down) and hoping I’ll be back to baseline tomorrow.


Well, my hope didn’t happen. I’m still pretty off. Walking around I feel like I’m tilting, badly imbalanced, walking on marshallows at times throughout the day. I’m thinking a week or at least hoping that’s all it takes to get past this hard lapse and back to baseline. Praying :pray:t3:. My ear has been getting the piercing pinching which I used to get last July for these past couple days. I’m hoping the 2 days of antibiotic and the full absolute pressure of my left ear where it felt deafening didn’t ruin things further in my ear. My tolerance is also very low right now too since this hard lapse and my ear keeps getting semi fullness and the leaking feeling a lot (a lot of times when I’m laying down I’ve noticed).
Any idea as to what occurred and why I lapsed so hard with this past event of 10 hours or so of over inner ear fullness in my ear and then complete imbalance like my brain forgot the calculations of rooms again, having trouble tracking with my eyes and getting that hazy fog when I look at things sometimes and the sharp piercing in my ear like there’s a cut in there?

Ps I wish I never took the antibiotic and can go back to last Sunday when I was walking completely fine and minimal migraines and still slowly recovering.


Which antibiotic did you take?



Levoflaxacine. I can’t do penicillin family medicines.

I’m starting to think the more the leaking the more offbalance / issues. I think the overpressure of my ear from that fallout with the antibiotic and the prolonged period it was very overpressured created a hole so to speak in my ear and now it leaks… and the leaking causes offness if it’s a lot, which it has been since my head is all messed up. I’m sleeping with 2 and a half pillows so my head is propped so my ear doesn’t leak cause I noticed it leaks a lot if I lay down on one and a half pillows. I really hope I’m okay before I start my new job. I want to be back at my baseline and getting better again. Crossing my fingers I’ll get better very soon.


Wishing you a well recovery. Does your imbalance originate from your head? It seems like my head is heavy and feels like my body cant support the weight so its causing some balance issues. Sometimes i jiggle my head side to side and my brain feels like a tin can in there. I can feel the brain moving side to side. I dont know if thats normal.


I usually get light headed but not for very long at all. Since taking the antibiotic my ear felt like it got REALLY full where I couldn’t even hear out of it for a period of hours that I noted-- I believe roughly 8 hours, then it started to finally reduce. I’ve been getting ear fullness and leaking a lot these past couple days like my ear doesn’t know what to do. It absolutely feels like a nightmare. Tonight I was walking around at my parent’s place with my eyes having trouble tracking, the fog hazy look when you look at something, and the absolute imbalance where you’ll walk and feel like you’re on a boat but also walking like you’re drunk too, also sinking in the ground too. It’s really scary, annoying and overall mind bugging. On top of that, my tolerance for florescent lights or anything has been giving me migraines / pressure in my head very quickly. I was fine Sunday-- I should’ve stuck it out with my infection and just tried to soak my hand as much as I wanted to and went from there. I just went a huge step backwards and start a stressful job very soon. I would’ve been fine if I was at where I was on Sunday. It’s just extremely frustrating.


You just described most of my symptoms and you are not a alone. The stairs are scary as well. I feel going up and down more than usual on a stair. Hang in there!


This all super sucks, but hey, congrats on the new job!


Thanks for the support-- I’m concerned about the job cause I’m not sure how long this bad lapse will go for. I woke up and I started walking around and already felt it after 2 minutes of walking. It hasn’t been this bad since the beginning and I think this time may be even worse. I’m honestly praying that my ear will patch up or whatever it needs to do to get back to baseline cause this is scary. I can’t walk around a job like this.


Seems like a particularly bad relapse … sorry to hear … happens unfortunately … interesting it occurred in time with the antibiotics but it’s possible it’s not related, keep an open mind.

You may need to consider some medication to help you cope with the flare up - this might help you perform better at work too …

I’ve not had such an extreme deafness, but I do get a lot of fluid sensations, which have decreased over time (once was really scary filling and blocking my hearing for a few minutes), but still get them a bit, almost every morning and minor ones during evening sometimes. When this fluid dries in your Eustachian tube you eventually get a ‘cracking’ sensation as you seem to break up the residue (personal theory but never got this before ear fluid sensation).


The first day of antibiotics I had semi fullness and the 2nd day was full overfull fullness where it was deafening. The antibiotic has a known side effect for vestibular neuropathy (didn’t know until after) and not good for hyper sensitive people. I also hit all the side effects for the antibiotic too besides vomiting. I haven’t felt anything like this before the antibiotic. And now, I’m all messed up. I should have told the doctor after the 1st day of the fullness and really off, cause then I could have saved myself from this fallout. Ear is leaking a lot and a lot of semi fullness. I was having 90% days and now I’m down to I don’t even know what percent I’d consider this. I’m back to wet wipes for showers. I hate feeling like I’m floating all over and my head keeps getting light headed too.

Only medicine I had before was clonazepam and I’ve only taken that once and did not like how it made me feel.
I’m still doing vitamin B2 400 mg.

I’m unsure how long it will now to get back to baseline feeling like this. :slightly_frowning_face: I was stepping backwards and my mind thought I was stepping backwards up steps.


Wow. Why wasn’t the doctor prescribing it more careful?


If this continues you might want to try Ami. But obviously won’t help with the fullness directly, just the fall out, especially the eye crap.


This doctor throws pills at everything. I also don’t think he takes my condition into consideration at all. I’m sure antibiotics might be how I ended up with VM in the first place. He gives extremely strong ones too. He’s the doctor who said take the really strong vitamin D2 but I did it my way. Had an infection on my finger and got scared it’d continue to spread so I tried the antibiotic… I should have continued to soak and went from there, cause that antibiotic did damage (as noticed).

Hmm… If this vestibular nonsense persists after a week and a half I may have to think about that prescription med… I’m hoping this all fixes in a short period of time cause I miss being closer to normal again like I was.


Yeah see if it settles down within a few days. Over fortnight and I suggest looking into meds. However of course it is always better to be without meds if you can handle the symptoms unless the doctor thinks it might be blocking compensation.


I’m hoping it does. Thanks for the blessing.
I did it before without meds, but I also wasn’t working at all and I did suffer some but persevered. I also didn’t pick up any side effects from any meds that I hear of people having. I’m just hoping whatever this was, didn’t do more damage where I can’t compensate again.
All I know is; I keep remembering you telling me summer time last year not to do the valsalva maneuver when I got this annoying inner ear fullness.
Do you think it gets full to protect itself while it fixes itself, or what?


Fullness is probably one or two things, I’m guessing, because it is reversible … it’s either:

  • ear fluid filling up middle ear and not draining due to blockage in eustachian tube then eventually draining (I’ve almost certainly had this!)
  • period of high pressure inside the ear

I don’t think the experts even know which is very crazy!

But the main thing to remember is: ITS REVERSIBLE … so just keep calm and it should clear after some time.

Maybe try and reduce salty food for a bit, some say that works, but for others its irrelevant.

How is hearing in that ear now?


Thanks for the explanation. It’s so crazy that experts don’t even have a clue. You’d think otherwise. I noticed my tinnitus becomes higher with saltier foods. We’ll see about tonight with the sensations.

I got home from my parents and I’m feeling slightly better after sitting for a bit on my couch so I tried to re-situate my apartment and that included bending over to plug in cords. (I didn’t have this crappy feeling on Sunday so bending over and such was completely fine!) Made my right ear leak and now my left ear is semi full again. Going to take your tip which was crouch if you need to get down at all.
I felt a slight mini pop in my left ear(good pop like my body is sorting it out??)… and then I also sneezed and felt a pop then too. (Wasn’t too dizzy but tried walking after and felt a bit more off again.)
Currently my left ear is now doing the leaking feeling, before it was doing the cooling sensation where it feels like someone is blowing cold air in my ear.
This whole condition is just so freaking weird!
As a weird side note, I noticed that I was a bit hoarse today (sinuses acting up yet I can breathe through my nose completely fine).
Hearing is fine, I’m just off balance, sometimes marshmallow floor, feeling pressure in the front of my head and sides. Night time I think will be scary since it always was back in the beginning. My body relies heavily on my eyes when my ears are messed up and completely out of tune. I’m going to relax on the couch now as much as I can to let my head heal.
Thanks for asking!
Once again, praying that I’ll be back to baseline in a week.
On the bright side, my infected finger is almost completely healed. Wish I could’ve foregone the antibiotics and just soaked the sucker! sigh. I’m not dead. :rofl: