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For me the answer is allergies, intolerances and inflammation.


But how tho and why does the body now react this way all of a sudden?
All it took for me was an edible which basically made this massive change to my being and now everything I’m sensitive to, even the tiniest of doses of food or whatever. How did an edible alter my entire being? And why does food/any substance react this way now for me? I’m curious behind the science as to why such a tiny amount of anything like food or whatever (mouth wash) sends a person into an unexplainable symptom rage for a short period of time.

I just wish there was a way to convert the brain or whatever it may be back to “absolute normal”.


I think it’s sort of a catalyst or domino sort of thing. I think you can recover and reclaim some items you’ve lost or set aside. Though some things, like eggs for me, are probably always off the table.


As I’ve speculated on many an occasion, MAV may well be an issue with homeostasis (and it’s knock-on effect within the inner ear then the brain). Perhaps this mouth wash was particularly disruptive in this regard? I’d stay away from it and see if that calms things down?

Another possibility is that it is confirmation bias and that it was just an unfortunate coincidence?



Not familiar with yr history. Could as @flutters said well be allergy. Check what’s in the mouth wash.

Actually what you put in yr mouth however small is much more important than we think. Years ago I was admitted to hospital as an emergency with severe abdominal pain (doctor thought gall bladder). When I saw consultant in Emergency his first question: really it was. ‘Have you changed your toothpaste recently?’. Honest. I couldnt believe it. Thought I had been admtted to the wrong department!

Do have a read of website ‘migraine - a comprehensive guide’. Might give you some understanding of what might be going on, couple of quotes

‘The person with a tendency to having migraine will become aware and will be less tolerant to the normal nerve signals from within the body’

‘Increased awareness of ‘normal body sensations’ in migraine’

‘Increased awareness of normal feelings with the gut’

and so on. ‘Amplification’

With unstable MAV as the neurologist told me ‘goes a bit hyper’. I had extreme photophobia and even on a rainy winters day entered her office wearing a hat and 2 pairs of sunglasses, top ones full wraparound. It only took the slightest blink of light to make me 10 times more dizzy and nauseous. So when MAV winds it all up, it don’t take much of anything. Preventatives have helped me alot.

Needing information

Interesting thoughts.
As a caveat, I never had food allergies/med sensitivity previous to the edible taken in June 2018.

I don’t drink mouth wash on the daily lol – it was just the slightest bit I didn’t spit out … I’m not using the mouth wash anymore to avoid that issue again, but that’s besides the point. I’m curious as to why small bits of food or whatever has such a great reaction once digested. I had been doing mouth wash for some time, but oops, digested such a small amount one day and boom-- massive issue for a good hour and a half. I had 2 small white chocolate morsels back in Feb 2019 or so and that was not a fun night. It wasn’t even real chocolate!
Neurologist said the edible marijuana was the catalyst, but how and why did it create such a permanent state of change? And why is that anything that’s digested now in even the smallest amounts create such a vast reaction?

I only take 400 mg B2 a day in the mornings
and 2k Vitamin D3.
No prescriptions meds, so I know my tolerances and I know when something effects me (usually within 10 mins of digestion).
I use Theraspecs for work, but this week with the up and down weather I’ve had 2 migraines by end of work day (330ish) (pain 1st time in the week, then pain and dizziness yesterday ((2nd migraine)). It’s becoming more of a rare occurrence to feel the migraines and that much dizziness so prescription meds are out of the question. And once I left work the dizziness subsided, so I feel like my threshold was peaked and even though I had the glasses on the florescent lights were just breaking the barrier… and also possibly due to needing a darker tint at that moment in time would help. This wasn’t a one time occurrence – this maybe has happened 3-4x since starting my job in May.

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As a side note, still dealing with the prostate inflammation too since they said it was viral and would last 4-8 weeks. I had a lot of sugar last weekend and it acted it up again-- was hoping I was in the clear.:grimacing:


Haha - it would be great if there was a reset button!



I’ve been wondering, if I was okay with Lidocaine (if that was what I was given, I want to call the doctor from March and ask what brand and dose he gave me) was okay with my finger and didn’t set me off at all-- would it be the same if I need to get dental work done too if they use lidocaine for that?


Sorry, don’t know the answer to that one. Lidocaine is on my ‘no’ list along with Neosporin.


I don’t know whether they use Lidocaine for dental work. Can’t hurt to ask, of course.

I’m lucky to not have had many dental issues in my lifetime. Also, for minor cavities, I tell the dentist to forget the anesthetic and just drill and get it over with.

Hey, @Space_Cadet, if you’re still having the prostatitis issue, I just happened to read this. It’s from a 10-year-old article so you’ll want to do a little research to see whether they still consider this supplement to be useful:

“See your urologist, who will likely prescribe a round of anti-inflammatories or antibiotics. If it lingers, try a supplement called quercetin. In a UCLA study, 67 percent of men with chronic prostatitis experienced a significant improvement in their symptoms when they took 500 milligrams of the antioxidant twice a day for a month. Try a brand such as Prosta-Q.”

As for your question about the edible marijuana, I don’t know much about that stuff but I suspect there’s no quality-controlled manufacturing process involved in producing it, so who knows what other ingredients could have been in it. I mean, maybe it contained some sort of pesticide residue or, well, who knows.


@Space_Cadet you should checkout my initial post, as all this started for me with taking a drug as well. And overnight I had severe sensitivity to food and supplements too. It was like the sensory systems became scrambled overnight and everything felt different and so my nerves were on high alert which made things worse and eventually gave me massive migraines and dizziness. It wasn’t food allergies.


Yup, so you get where I’m coming from. How do we reverse that back? lol
I should’ve stuck to alcohol:smirk:


That’s very interesting that two of you have had that experience. Have you googled those substances and seen if they cause any significant acute issues that might give you a clue as to what is going on? Have you sought suitable specialists that might be able to work out their potential impact?


I didn’t dig too deep into it, but did read of other’s having the issue on some forums maybe dating back to 2012 from their posts in those forums. Some people complained of hearing issues and also dizziness from marijuana— so it’s not too far-fetched.

I did read of some people who took Xtc also got this too.

My neurologist did say that the marijuana was the catalyst to this.


Yeah, had to do my own research on it as there are no real specialists that I am aware of. In my case methelyne blue can react with tyramine and can cause a hypertensive crisis or at least a really bad migraine. It’s a MAOI which can affect neurotransmitters a bit. All in all though it is a super safe drug. I actually went into the ER one night and ran into a specialist who uses methelyne blue regularly for certain conditions and he was surprised it had an effect at all. So, I believe it triggered a massive brain stem-like migraine which caused anxiety and more migraines and on and on until well… dizziness.


Yeah, alcohol and tobacco were my go to before all this … I think recovery comes down to time and neuroplasticity. Need to find a new normal for our brains I guess, specifically the sensory parts. That’s what is so annoying to explain to people - I work on anxiety and stress reduction more than anyone I know, and yet I still have anxiety over these weird sensations. And so I’m sort of frustrated and embarrassed with myself for not being able to get my condition fully under control. I feel sort of labeled I guess as a mental case even though everyone around me is super nice and supportive.


Time and neuroplasticity-- all too familiar with that. Sucks to hear that’s how you transformed as well.

I honestly think our heart race picks up from our sensors getting messed up when it does act up, since I’m pretty good with controlling my mind but when I get the tipsy turvy-- it’s like “wth” and then my heart starts to race. It does it at work with the continuous T-Storms we’ve been having last week more so. I just sit there and wait for the light head, slight motion sensitivity and a little heart race cause it was quick and not fun to subside after a couple minutes. If it’s food/other ingestion related like my mouth wash situation, then I know it will have way more of an issue to it (the throat getting a little tense, numb throat. Numb jaw. Really motion sensitive. Off-kilter more so, racing heart continuously, etc.) it’s just more extreme with ingestion than weather / pressure related.


So, I have a follow-up appt with a periodontist to check out my gums with needing possible gum graft (seeming more likely now). Anyone have that procuredure before?


A gum graft? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. What is it, and why would you need one (especially at your young age)?


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