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Read up on D-Mannose. I think it’s sort of a form of sugar. Can’t remember for sure.


Interesting. Yeah, a sugar monomer-- I’m not a scientist so I like when things are explained haha.
I just tried baking soda this evening to see if that’ll help. The sodium actually made my left ear pressure go up a bit. Didn’t help that the weather currently is T-Storms.
I’m seeing a urologist Thursday morning.


Going to the urologist tomorrow. Very worried I’ll have to get an antibiotic since my kidneys have been hurting. No blood in urine or cloudy, just aching pain. Peeing pain comes and goes.
I have an issue with penicillin and the cousin family of it…

What can I actually take that’s low dose and won’t mess with my ear and make me dizzy?


Just a random thought, maybe you tried this, but Curcumin may work for UTI. I use for other purposes and it doesn’t affect my dizziness / head pressure. I use Thorne sustained release curcumin, probably you can get something similar at a health food store.


Ah, I see you’ve tried the tumeric thing… nevermind. White willow bark, maybe?


I like this stuff:

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Boiron Cantharis, for Blisters and Bladder Infection
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Wild! Does that cure UTI’s?


It’s supposed to. I think it cured one for me, but I never went in and got it confirmed. I originally bought it because I was worried about the catheter when I had surgery. I used it later when I thought I was getting a UTI and it cleared right up. Can’t say if it was the Cantharis, but it seems likely.

I figured something that’s homeopathic might appeal to you, given the absurdly low dosage involved in homeopathy. It’s the Le Croix of medications.


That’s why I like ya! Always looking out.:slight_smile:

Hoping that surgery went well I presume.

Would hope this works after things get a little worse so to speak.


Well, that surgery was two years ago and a total disaster in that I ended up in physical therapy for, well, I can’t tell you when it will end, maybe never. But I didn’t get a UTI, so I guess it wasn’t a total disaster. :wink:

Give Cantharis a try. It’s easy to get at natural foods stores.


You’re alive and here and able to ride a bike!!!

Thanks, I’ll mention it to the Uro tomorrow too!


That’s true!


Hey, @Space_Cadet, let us know what the urologist says about that product. I am always looking for something to help with my UTIs.

And good luck tomorrow!


Will do and thank you.
My concern: don’t want to have to use antibiotic and lose compensation and lose my job.
This doctor is somewhat holistic to a point I believe.


What was the dosage of your macrobid?
And also, do you get migraine / dizziness from certain foods too? Pardon if that’s a silly question.


I think it was 100mg, 2xday, for a week.

Foods don’t seem to bother me. Mine’s looking less and less like migraine at all.


You’ve lucked out on that ticket then.


Just had my visit. Long visit. A lot of explaining. Apparently my urethra is infected (very little blood in the specimen I had to do which I couldn’t see at all) but is getting slowly better. I was making it worse with cranberry juice (imagine that!) because it was increasing the PH too much. It mitigated a bladder infection but it was treating the wrong area. Have to do a plain diet (I’m already used to that :wink: )… I had to go pee, she checked how much fluid I had in me, then checked after and said that’s a good amount released and not clogged. I noticed when stopping the cranberry juice last night that my peeing this morning was much less constricted and didn’t sting. Just imagine acid on an already open wound.
I also think the cranberry juice was jacking up my stomach creating diarrhea which is probably why my stomach still feels like crap and grumbly. Vast difference from yesterday to today. I’m hoping this only gets better. She also said turmeric can help and to have it a couple times a day (my homemade tea) cause it’s anti-inflammatory and I mentioned ginger too and she said that’s anti-inflammatory and de-worming.
She said my system seems to be always on the offensive in overdrive, which isn’t great. (Cause I said my body is quick to react to everything and I can’t have many things).
As a note, she said if it’s not getting better by Monday then to pick up the antibiotic Bactrim (she said it’s heavy on the system). crosses fingers it gets better naturally

I didn’t get to ask about the cantharis or as to why the baking soda was helping me feel better. I wonder if the baking soda was neutralizing the cranberry juice.


Baking soda is extremely alkaline and neutralise stomach/entire system. I’m no chemist but my Granny who wa a cook always took it medicinally. Probably dates from the days before the NHS as it was cheaper than paying for meds I guess. Being alkaline it can be mixed into a paste and pasted on for bee stings too (hv to remove the actual sting first) if you are short of toothpaste that is. Apart from its culinary application, it’s very useful stuff baking soda.
PS; after thought for those on special diets of any kind: baking soda has high sodium content.


Quite amazing! I knew it for infections on fingers and bee stings, but never internally! Learn something new every day.