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The goat cheese - It would be a good addition to my palate.

Fresh Mozzarella-- I picked up a fresh ball from Trader Joe’s but haven’t taken the leap yet to try it. It has to say “fresh” from what I do recall. Thanks for that!

Hmmmm… What’s in the queso fresco for ingredients? And which brand? Good to know for that as well!

Ok! That sounds delicious!!! Are you sensitive to cheeses too or dairy at all?

My buddy told me about the one he tries and I didn’t like the ingredients in it, but I’ll continue looking!


Yes, the “fresh” from Trader Joe’s should be OK (as far as qualifying as fresh).

I looked at the package for the Queso Blanco and unfortunately the part with the brand name has been cut off, but here’s what I can tell you:

Ingredients: Cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes.

Distributed by: Wisconsin Cheese Group, Monroe, WI 53566


So, I did a bit of googling and also trying to look at costco’s website via google lol…
Is it a blue label and does Caribe sound correct?


I think so:


Yup, that’s the one. Thanks for confirming. I’ll have to check it out relatively soon.
Incoming rain so I’m starting to get a headache-- may take a nap.


Still slowly recovering… Had a mishap the other night (4/26) with too much garlic and some raw garlic included to that :yum: around 7 pm and my body didn’t like it nor my VM condition. Went for an hour and a half drive and was still messed up after… Got home at 830 pm and ALMOST had full spin vertigo in my bathroom after I flushed the toilet more so… The noise of the water draining made things sooo disoriented. I turned off my bathroom light, read this site in bed + news and fell asleep… The morning after I woke up still slightly dizzy which made me scared cause it was sinking ground (marshmallow ground) and looking around felt very delayed like a blur and made me very nauseous but got better slowly during the day. I also noticed that running water made me dizzy in the morning too as if my sound sensitivity was very increased. I just sat on my couch for a bit and drank my bottles of water to filter my system. Still had a bit offness last night… Today (4/28) I was still slightly off. Being in the bathroom still makes me a bit off. Hoping tomorrow to be better. I went traveling to a couple different states though so the elevation changes were messing with BOTH ears for inner ear fullness (since 2 weeks after the antibiotic fallout another fallout randomly happened and made my right ear prone to inner ear fullness and tinnitus now)… Right ear is much faster to decrease back down and the left ear has been sticking, so I noticed the longer it sticks and stays full the more I get off from it… Doing much better than beginning of March but still having slight offness and the migraines/head tension during rain storms. Didn’t feel a bad migraine through yesterday’s rainstorm though so that was a plus… Slow progress but progress. Time time time. Patience patience patience.
I’ve upped back to 5k Vitamin D3 each day again, since I stopped after the fallout from the antibiotic in early March. I also tried the Theraspecs again this week and late in the week the week before. They work for me even with my not so great light tolerance that still progresses each day. Also this week before the garlic fallout I was able to be around my vent hood for my stove without ear plugs.
Also I can have molasses. Still have yet to try “fresh” mozzarella, pumpkin by Libby’s, peas, and the queso that @Manatee recommended.

With that said, I have a question about baking.
Is anyone able to use yeast? I’m interested in making crescent rolls currently and maybe other breads/whatever other recipes call for any type of yeast. I want to know if anyone is able to use yeast.

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It’s been almost a month, since I last updated.
I’ve been back at work since May 9th. I like the job and the people-- my symptoms still effect me sometimes due to the weather/barometer pressure.
I am however reaching out to ask if people have been able to take ANY antibiotics because I seem to have come down with something. Sore throat, white dots, feel fatigued, slight cough every once in awhile but it’s usually 1 cough. Today was the 1st day, half way through the white dots went away after gargling salt a couple times, but 2 white dots came back this evening. I’m hoping I can kick this thing without antibiotics in a couple days, but I wanted to hear if ANYONE can take ANY antibiotics (as a last resort for me just in case which I honestly hope I don’t have to-- praying), because my last bout with the very powerful antibiotic set me back big time and caused issues in my right ear now, which was my good ear.
On a side note, I didn’t go get my throat swabbed today to see whatever this is happens to be bacterial or viral. I’m hoping it’s viral and just allergy related.
Yes, I’m nervous.


My personal rule is “one week.” For me most things (colds, injuries, etc.) resolve in a week. I usually try to wait and if I’m not better in a week, then I’ll go to the doctor.

If I remember correctly, the last time you were put on Cipro, which is a very powerful drug. Most antibiotics aren’t like Cipro, so I don’t think you should be too afraid. But if whatever you have is virus-related, antibiotics aren’t going to do any good anyway.

I’m glad you are liking the job! That’s good news!


Thanks, Anna.
Yeah, I’m reading one week-- I just dont want to sludge through work for a week feeling like a trash can. They also don’t want workers at work if they’re sick. Doesn’t look good that I’m taking days off already since I was out today to rest, fluids, gargle salt.

Yeah, my doctor just throws meds at things. He doesn’t even swab to check if it’s viral or bacterial, just auto-assumes bacterial-- could partially be why I started to adapt MAV? Not sure, but with the resistances of antibiotics now a days it sure isn’t helpful. I was wondering if anyone had anything less powerful that’ll still kick whatever it is in case it’s bacterial, unless my body can indeed fight the bacteria infection which would be nice.
Yeah, viral = no meds body will fight. Hoping it’s the same for bacterial. I just bought an air purifier too for my room since I’ve been meaning to get one for the past 3 years… Hope it helps towards feeling better.


Woke up this morning with blood in my phlegm and yellow on my tonsils. Need to get my throat swabbed. I’m praying I don’t have to use antibiotic because I’m sensitive to many meds.
Still praying it’s just viral and my body can fight it itself.

@Manatee Anna, how’s azithromycin? I can’t have the penicillin family.


The antibiotic that they choose will depend on what type of bacteria they find. Not all antibiotics work against all types of bacteria. So it sounds like you’ve got a trip to an urgent care facility in your near future. :slightly_frowning_face:


I just visited earlier… cleared for no strep :pray:
However, it’s allergies kicking my butt.
Anyone take Clairitin and been okay or even Flonase? I don’t recall the last time I took an antihistimine prior to the VM condition settling in.


I take Claritin when my allergies are acting up and am ok with it. Flonase seems to make me dizzy sometimes.


Thank you for the input!!
Do you cut the Claritin in half at all or just a full tab?


I take the 12 hour reditabs which dissolve in your mouth.


Well, that’s good news!


Yeah, still sore throat, but I’ve been nasal cleanses, salt water gargle, and honey in water.

However, I’m freaking itchy! Breaking out in rashes too. I think I’m going to try the Claritin, except crush it and hope I can pull just a little but that’s worth maybe 2-3 mg and cross my fingers that I’ll be fine where I can take a full tab and be okay. I feel like my body is fighting itself.


Bad move on trying the Claritin. I’ll update in the morning.
Hoping I don’t lose any compensation from this.


Last night 5/27/2018:
Took the crushed Claritin 24 hour (probably 2-3 mg worth) at 745pm and within 5 minutes I was feeling some off symptoms. After about 20-25 mins I started to get really off. (motion sensitive and nervousness feeling). My throat started to tighten, face started to hurt in my sinuses of my cheekbones, my chin and jaw/left partial of my face went numb. I was light headed too. My eyes became drowsy. Headache, heart racing. Felt like I was going to puke too and stomach pains as if I had to use the bathroom.
An hour in my right hand went numb/tingly and numb as if I couldn’t move it. It kept doing that intermittently every 15-20 mins or so. Then it did it to my left foot. My hands and feet went ice cold a good 30-45 mins in. That resided about 30-45 mins later. I was back home about 11:30 PM and still felt off-kilter, with my left ear about half full of inner ear fullness, less nervous, but had the sinking feeling when I walked sometimes, light sensitivity so I immediately laid down to start resting and noticed my tinnitus was high in both ears. Woke up again at 1 AM, 2 AM and 3 AM, some was for the facial pain again in my cheekbone and then also the dizziness. Still think the Claritin was trying to mess with me.

Woke up this morning my left ear either slightly full or deafened a little bit, but it finally cleared up after 2 hours or so. I am sliiiightly off, but not fully. I’m hoping my compensation wasn’t touched.

I’m just hoping whatever this is I can shake it with a lot of water, gargling salt with warm water, drinking honey with warm water, nasal cleanses and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. I can feel some facial pressure currently in my left cheek bone, but I also just did the nasal cleanse 20 mins or so ago.


Is Claritin an “extended-release” type of drug that is only taken once every 12 or 24 hours? If so, then I don’t think extended-release drugs are supposed to be cut or crushed. Cutting or crushing it might cause more of the drug to be released all at once.

If you think you need an antihistamine, you could try an “old school” antihistamine like Chlor-trimeton (the 4-hour version, which is not extended-release). It’s a mild antihistamine (I occasionally take it) and you could cut it in half. The generic name is “chlorpheniramine” and Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens all have their own generic versions. Just make sure it’s the 4-hour version. [I see from an online search that there is now a 12-hour “extended release” version and you wouldn’t want that.]