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So informative you are!! Thank you. This was a super helpful read and makes a lot of sense. I agree about the routine/structure of taking every day. I’m that way, especially when I know it will help me to heal/get better. I use the Solgar brand-- I’ll have to look into the brand further, but I’ve always stuck with them before and had good results.
I still don’t like the idea of synthetic for D2 though as opposed to natural D3.

To add, I feel a bit more chipper today after taking the vitamin D, but as the day went on I started to drag back down again. Feel like my energy has been sapped.


It takes a LONG time for your body’s Vitamin D levels to go up. Weeks. I do remember when I was diagnosed with the severe deficiency (12 ng/ml), I was getting very fatigued by the end of my workouts. It wasn’t until I had been on the prescription dose for about four months before I realized that I wasn’t feeling tired like that any more.

I think Solgar is a good brand, so you should be fine there.


rather like getting back into employment, I’m taking my time. I don’t think I’m quite ready yet but still hopeful that my symptoms will become so reduced as to make it possible :slight_smile:


One of my friends got dizzy from sinus trouble … .MAV-like symptoms including tinnitus. Once this was addressed (in her case, surgically), her dizziness and tinnitus went away.


I actually do feel like my whole issue is sinuses; because every time the symptoms get worse my sinuses are all clogged. I’ll ask my ENT about it, thanks!


Hmmm… Ok! It sounds like you’ve risen it since then tho which is good! So with your post I ended up speaking to my pharmacist and he said to finish off the 10k pills 5x a wk I have then switch down to 5k once a day and that’ll slowly increase, cause I told him about my condition and he said I was doing it right (we all know our own bodies and how they work individually) as opposed to how my doctor had it as blanket statement for 50k D2 1 time a week. The pharmacist said taking the vitamin D3 once a day is better for you anyways and better for your levels, there’s no fluctuation or lapse.
On a good note there, I noticed with taking the vitamin D I’ve been feeling in better spirits like I have more energy or feeling good, even if I am feeling tired. My family even took notice of it this past weekend. :+1:

That makes sense, well, I hope each and every day you’re getting better and showing progress. I hope you can get to that point where you can jump back onto the activities you really enjoy!

As an update,
I met @BHMaloney roughly a week ago. Very cool guy, smart and shared stories of our VM. It was nice to relate to someone in person and discuss this rubbish of a condition. It’s also nice to discuss what we used to have as symptoms because it shows our progress and like I said, it’s like AA as if we’re in this together to help each other cause not many people at all understand this or sympathize/empathize with us. Glad to have met him and look forward to it again.

This past week was tough with the rain storms and the high 60s one day then drop back to 30s the next day. My sinuses have been flaring up and it’s causing me more tension headaches again and offness/light headed helium head/imbalance.

On another plus side, I went on an interview last Wednesday and was called this morning to being told I have the job.:smiley:
It’ll be stressful given the type of work I’ll have to do but at least with this amount of time I had been given I figured out a lot of ways to mitigate the VM monster, along with the help from all of you here and your stories regarding what works and what doesn’t work. The special migraine glasses (Theraspecs) I purchased in late January will help too if the florescent lights at the job mess with me.
I want to say thanks again to you all.

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Oh, wow, that is GREAT NEWS!!! When do you start?


Guesstimate is week of Mar 12th or Mar 19th. All pending paperwork and legal. I was planning a trip back to Canada the weekend of the 12th to see my cousin again, so hopefully after that. :sweat_smile:


So, I took a risk last night at 1 am and had 2 white chocolate chip morsels from Ghirardelli hoping they wouldn’t set me off and they did. I noticed within 10 minutes. I went for an hour and a half drive cause of the anxiety/motion swirling feeling it gave me while being still. That sucked.

Today I had a strong headache just above my left temple about 2-3 fingers for the entire day, so I just slept for most of it. I’ve been feeling more off today-- imbalance and feeling like things may swirl around 540 pm. So I just went to sleep. Headache is finally subsiding around 9pm but I’m still off.

Is my crummy day today due to paying for the sinus issues of weather or due to lasts nights gamble of trying the white chocolate (I think soy lecithin in it got me) or a combo of both?


If it set you off just after 10 minutes after eating it then now you know what your triggers are. I have sinus issues like one side is always clogged up but i have had that for years. Im feeling off today as well. I took diamox this morning after not being on it for about a week. Felt more out of it today and took my 2nd pill just now. For now, im enduring the lovely side effects of this dreadful med. Got my fingers crossed. Hope yours subsides soon.


Yeah, life is feeling more trial and error than ever if I want to enjoy a certain ingredient or recipe.
I’ve had this headache all day and it’s still persisting. I feel like this is my lapse and it’ll be a couple days to set back to baseline.
That sounds horrible :frowning:
Are they talking about different meds for you?


No not at this time. They want me to keep taking it for another 6 weeks to reduce pressure and retest after that. Originally, the doc wanted me to take 2 a day 2 months ago but i have only been taking one because i have gotten anxiety to meds. Today was the 1st day that i took the plunge and have taken 2. I want to really give this med a full trial before i have to be my own advocate. If the pressure doesnt come down, im just afraid they will suggest ridiculous alternatives. It will be a shame because this is the only doc that was able to make sense of all this and most knowledgable.

Edit - Today was the first day i dont have the palpating tinnitus or it’s very subtle but i have been having issues with my left ear witch it seems like a cracking aound. Im pretty sure its excessive earwax and it makes the cracking sound where is is noise and sort of vibrates in the ear.


Earwax and the cracking sound I can definitely relate. I usually try to scrape it out with a finger nail that’s already out of my ear. Let it naturally come out of the ear canal is what I learned. :slight_smile:
At least you’ll give it a full run so you don’t have to say “what if I did it longer–”. You’ll have a clear conscience.
Sounds like you’re making some progress so I hope it continues to help. Always interested to hear how things are going.


Do you still feel like you are in motion or wobbly when you come to a stop while driving? I started to feel this about a month ago but im fine when im driving.


Yeah, that happened for quite some time. I haven’t felt that in about 2 months or so I think. It was more prominent last year that I felt that feeling.
It was either A. I felt it cause I was symptomatic or B. I agitated my vestibular system and I was going 80 and it didn’t like it.
It doesn’t happen for example B anymore.
But like I said, it was much more prominent last year and I don’t believe I felt it this year-- maybe after my baddd migraine from IKEA but I think that’d be it.


As of yesterday, 3/5 I started an antibiotic for an infection (hangnail :frowning: ) and the first 2 hours of the antibiotic sucked. Now onto the 2nd day I got inner ear fullness taking it again, to what feels currently like being too full where it’s now hindering my hearing. I’m hoping my ear corrects and releases like usual cause this is scary. The antibiotic is levoflaxacine.


Ugh, hope you feel better!


Thanks, James.
Tried to take a shower and lasted only 15 seconds before the walls started to tilt back and forth. Shut off the water and it continued and I got real scared (usually it stops after I shut off the water). It almost gave through to the feeling of full vertigo but then 30 seconds later it stopped.
Took the pill at 1030 am, 1230 pm the left ear inner ear fullness kicked up, when I got home around 1ish or so it got almost deafening. It’s currently 418 pm and I’m still dealing with it. I can slowly feel the leaking feeling every so often-- hoping it’ll fully release so I can hear fully again. (no pun intended). Doctor advised me to stop the antibiotic.
Next step is to see a surgeon tomorrow for eval.


That sounds awful. Showers are somewhat diffucult for me. Those narrow or compact area can be troublesome.


antibiotics can be a trigger as well…i was on antibiotics for a sinus infection and my symptoms acted up…hang in there until the antibiotics course is done.