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New here, just diagnosed, pretty bummed


That’s exactly what has started with me just within 2 to 3 weeks it’s so weird!!!


Yea it’s a big pain in the butt. And really annoying, it kind of just happened over night last month for me, so I’m hoping it’s not due to some permanent bilateral issue and more mav/will get under control with meds


Hammet89 that’s what I’m hoping!


Hammet89 the prevalent symptom of MAV or vestibular migraine is dizziness not pain I’ve only had maybe 10 painful migraines in 13 years but I’m off balance every single day.


turnitaround I’m a little confused about the hydrops from water? I am under the impression that hydrops (Meniere’s disease) is the build up of inner ear fluid, water could not make it past the ear drum or middle ear into the inner ear to cause this. Was it just the hot or cold water that sent you into a spin? They used to use water instead of air to do the ENG/VNG test.


Hydrops <> Menieres. Menieres is an idiopathic condition in which Endolymphatic Hydrops can develop.

Hydrops of some nature can exist as a condition without it being anything to do with Menieres.

I pointed a shower into my ear causing an injury (punctured my inner ear with the stapes bone most probably). This we believe lead to a leak of Perilymph. The puncture heals to some extent but you are left with a fluid imbalance. This is a complex imbalance and I have written elsewhere about the hypothetical mechanism. The resulting condition is one of resolution and exacerbation as different influences bear upon on it.

So far it has improved over a long period of time (3 years!) but my ear used to leak every night. Now it does only most nights and subjectively much less.


Does Meclizine help with balancing you out? Antihistamines dry out and a water pill? Just curious I’ve never heard that before and I spray water directly in my ears all the time I think I’m going to stop that now.


I take zero medication now.


Omg for sure. Never do that!!

Doctors generally refuse to syringe your ears now as this risk is widely recognised.

I will add though that I had a heavy slug of wax in my ear at the time. It might have been this that added the necessary momentum to cause me the injury.

Here’s someone else who got a similar injury but from diving into a pool.

Needless to say, won’t be doing that again in a hurry!!


Meclizine is Dramamine. It’s a staple in my personal arsenal.


Btw I don’t think we can get this in the UK


It’s bonine in your area.


Dramamine made me feel horrible antivert is Meclizine im in the US im not sure the different drug types in different places one works there and the FDA says No here one works here and you can’t have it. What about this new Amovig injection? Anyone heard of it it’s the first migraine preventative medicine that the FDA approved, supposed to be a antibody that bonds to the protein that causes blood vessels to expand.


Hmmm can’t find that but ‘sea-legs’ seems to be an equivalent but only available on prescription :frowning:


It depends on which version of Dramamine it is.

Dramamine Original Formula (US, over-the-counter) = Dimenhydrinate

Dramamine “Non-Drowsy Naturals” (US, over-the-counter) = Ginger (zingiber officinale)(root)

Dramamine “Less Drowsy” (US, over-the-counter) = Meclizine Hydrochloride

Bonine (US, over-the-counter) = Meclizine Hydrochloride

Antivert (US, prescription) = Meclizine Hydrochloride


I guess I could have specified it was the less drowsy version. Still makes me tired.


Yes, I suppose that’s why they call it “less-drowsy” instead of “non-drowsy.” :slight_smile:


If I take a whole pill, I’m looking at the inside of my eyelids.


Ha, ha! I buy the generic, Rugby brand of Meclizine Hydrochloride (it’s WAY cheaper than Dramamine or Bonine) and it comes in 25mg, scored, chewable tablets. So it’s easy to break one in half which is sometimes all I need.


I get the same - Rx version.