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Liking the extra creamy a lot! Thank you, James!! Give the man a Bells! (I wonder if that saying taken from the ad’s is universal - or peculiar to S.A.!)


I was having trouble reading this morning so tried the extra creamy and it helped a lot! Thank you James.


I’m loving the extra creamy! James, please take over the rest of the internet.


Don’t know that one in the US. Is it a tasty treat?


:smiley: The Bell’s refer to Bells Scotch Whiskey and has become a ‘saying’ here due to some TV advertisements ( I actually can’t remember the ;stories’)… of people doing good deeds which ended with 'give that man a Bells!)


I really miss whiskey. I don’t miss how it treats me.


So, @mazzy, you are located in South Africa?


That’s right, @Manatee!


btw, the site is 1000% easier to read on a high DPI screen (e.g. an iPad, a MacBook or MacBook Pro) than a low DPI screen (e.g. most Windows machines, MacBook Air).