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NEW FEATURE: Site Visual Themes & poll


Visual ‘Themes’ for the forum

These change the way the forum looks.

I’ve added several optional themes to make the site easier to read or make your experience more interesting.

These can be selected:

  • From the ‘hamburger’ menu (the three horizontal lines) at the top right in the middle (quickest method)

  • From user Preferences under Interface (Remember to hit ‘Save’)

(beware the ‘Material Design’ theme moves and changes the ‘new topic’ button on desktop/tablet)

There are two dark themes and ones offering larger fonts.




I’ve added a new dark-style theme today which I love … its called ‘MV Vincent’. Try it! It’s very easy on the eye, to me.


And on that topic, which Theme do you think I should set the site to as default, so all new users are presented with that theme at first?:

  • Current Default Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • Larger Fonts
  • Larger Fonts Dark
  • Material Design Theme
  • MV Vincent

0 voters

(this is just for fun, I may not follow the most popular choice)


You’re funny!


Well look what happened with Brexit! :wink:


Umm, I live on the Left coast. We’re all very embarrassed and disappointed Canada doesn’t want us.


Can you point please me to a good article that describes this split?


IT challenged here, James - how do I get this option please?? Just clicking on it saves it as a picture…


As per instructions in first post Beth (have added a screen grab to make it more obvious)


:confounded: Sorry!!! The post opened with the screen shot of the dark page, and I did’nt scroll up to see first post!! Thank you. Will give this a whirl and see how it works for me! Looking good so far…:blush: Thank you for the work you put into the site!


Probably could, but won’t. I’ve sworn off talking politics until the world looks less like a Bizarro comic.


Those really dark themes are just too dark for me. But sometimes the white backgrounds are too bright.

I hate to ask this, James, because you have already done a tremendous amount of work here, but are there any themes that are in-between? Say with a background that is a light to medium color, such as a muted blue or green?


Or some kind of beige manuscript/papyrus? muted blue or green might come across a bit 90’s web? I might be able to offer the options though … let me have a look at this the next time I sit down to look at Themes


Oh, sure, that would be nice. Something that tones down the contrast a little bit. I thought I might find a site full of themes but I don’t seem to be able to do so. Here’s one that is sort of like what I was imagining, but I’d lose the lavender sidebar… :slight_smile:


Being pushy here…perhaps also available in the bigger font???:star_struck:


@Manatee, @mazzy, your wishes are granted, I’ve added:

  • “Cream Theme” (quite possibly my new favourite) and …
  • “Extra Creamy” (same with larger fonts :wink: )

… respectively … let me know if you have any issues …

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’m almost tempted to work on an “FT Pink” one next … but hopefully that’s enough for now to suit most people’s tastes and circumstances …

PS I"ve also noted the results of the poll. Seems most of those who’ve responded above are happy with the current choice of default theme. I shall leave it alone :slight_smile:


I’ll go check them out!

“Extra Creamy…” OK, now I’m hungry for ice cream. :slight_smile:


I’m using “Cream Theme” now. My only observation is that the dividing lines between posts are hard to see (they’re a light gray and they blend in with the cream). Here’s a screen shot that shows a dividing line above a post:



Are you sure, I thought you wanted less contrast?

I’ve changed it to a dark grey line (black was OTT) on desktop.


Not less contrast, just less white for the background. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much - these themes are all wonderful!