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Need help I’m experiencing a relapse


That’s great I hope that the trend continues to go well for you! Did you ever get weird half spins where you felt like you were tilting? They literally make me jump up and it takes me a second for it to stop. This has happened to me many times in the past, however, it would only happen every now and again. For whatever stupid reason this has happened to me a few times today! Like what the hell gives?!


Yeah, I have a couple of versions of that. One is positional. That one is I think vestibular paroxysmia from a vascular loop on my auditory nerve. One is exactly as you’ve described it. Effexor helps, though if I’m having a bad day, that’s going to happen anyway.


I never knew what the name of it was. Thank you! I just looked it up and yup that’s definitely what happens with me. I wish they could just cure this crap. I’ll take diabetes any day over being dizzy


Sorry, there wasn’t cell service between Port Townsend and Coupeville. I didn’t mean to disappear.

I often wish to go back to ‘just’ having an intractable endocrine disorder.


No worries at all! :slight_smile:


Hi Jess, I just got back from St. Louis seeing my migraine doctor. I am staying on the 75mg of nortriptyline and have added 120mg of verapamil to see if this will help me to be symptom free. Dr. Goebel actually said if I get relief with the verapamil that I may be able to go down or possibly off of nortriptyline. That would be great!!
I have also experienced the half spin you are talking about out of nowhere…it’s very scary because like you I never know when it’s going to happen. I actually had it driving 2 weekends ago so now if I’m having an off day I don’t drive.
You should try and get in to see your neurologist sooner than August, that’s a long time to wait and be miserable. You could be on a medication and be feeling great by then!! I would call and tell them you have an urgent situation and need to get in sooner. This sucks for sure but you will get better…you’ll find the drug that helps you and get on with living your life!


Emily, What do you mean by cycling ? cycling = spinning ?


No, on the non-extended release version I ramp up to a high med level and then fall off, so I’m cycling between baseline and over medicated.


Roger that