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Need encouragement from those who know


Yes, get help and jump on it hard. Dr S did tell me it was harder to treat the longer you’ve had it (he used the analogy of pulling out a nail from wood. If you’ve had MAV a short time it’s easy to remove, but a long time and it takes a lot of troube and yanking, maybe changing tools etc)

Good luck


I was diagnosed with MAV in 2015. I have been lucky in that symptoms usually appear July through January 1st then quiet down. It’s only now that these things are happening so frequently and stronger. The new things to me are not being able to lie flat when sleeping and dizziness bending over and turning too fast :worried:

Appointment tomorrow afternoon though. :grinning:

I can’t thank you all enough for all your thoughts and help with this!!!


The appointment went really well. The Dr says that my hormones could be what’s provoking the jump in activity right now (I’m 55) She has prescribed Effexor. I am pretty nervous about taking it. I just need to remember that once I get through the adjustment period, things will get better :grinning: The cool thing? She is a fellow migrainer


Effexor, like all of them, took some getting used to. So glad I did!


@flutters That’s good to hear :grinning:


Blame the hormones. That’s right. I do it all the time. For ladies of certain ages, I reckon they could be our particular ‘root cause’. Helen