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Neck pain suggestion! Sleep position


For many of us MAV is caused or aggravated by neck stiffness or maybe it is a symptom? Regardless when my neck is stiff and sore, my ears start ringing and my vertigo symptoms worsen (nausea, visual disturbance, etc).

My son recently started using one of those cheap microbead travel pillows you can buy at the airport in bed both to read surf but also sleep.The kind that snaps around your neck.

Given that I have tried every position and pillow known to man I gave it a whirl.

Life changing. I was only mildly surprised how comfortable it was for reading but sleeping was a huge shock. I have always started on my back then am a side sleeper. This thing crams into that space that never feels supported. Now if I sleep without it, it hurts.

He says memory foam not as good. I haven’t bothered bc this is perfect.

If you don’t already own one you can get cheap on Amazon. Search microbead travel pillows.

Curious if it helps anyone else.


Hi Kelly,
Such a timely post, all week my neck has been giving me trouble on waking, so upsets my pain in head and balance etc…will definitely try it, great tip. Thanks!!